The interior Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina the Country will not become a depot for terrorists

In the fight against coronavirus infection, with the result that probably more than 50 thousands of Bosnians remain without work, it is essential to get rid of the ballast for the state in the form of illegal migrants, among which there are “sleeper terrorists”. On Thursday during a special press conference in Sarajevo, stated the Minister of security of Bosnia and Herzegovina Fahrudin Radoncic.

“This is a message the EU: we will not agree to become a depot for migrants,” said the politician, adding that among them there are supporters of terrorist groups that are to big to hide his past and play the role of “sleeping”. “People who do not want to reveal their identity, will be sent to the immigration center and in prison. Will take appropriate decision,” the Minister warned.

meanwhile, “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” together with experts in the field of security has repeatedly drawn attention to the fact that among the migrants terrorists can join the local extremists and to remain in the Balkans. And considered the possibility that in the foreseeable future, they will undertake joint steps to create a new “Islamic state” (a group banned in Russia) in Europe.

“Most of the migrants are not going to stay long in Bosnia and Herzegovina, – says Elena Ponomareva, doctor of political Sciences, Professor of MGIMO-University. – But the fact that between those who remain in BiH, there are members of “at risk”. It’s radical elements and “sleeper terrorists”, who calmly settled and join local extremists. They can easily and quickly find your place among young people from France, Spain and Italy, as well as big. With this in mind, do not rule out the possibility that in the near future will reach concrete actions to create a new Islamic state in Europe that in the beginning would be something like a “Balkan Caliphate” (BKH).

According to Elena Ponomareva, “no barriers will not deter migrants.” “In order to survive, to save themselves, Europe should fight not with the consequences but the causes of the crisis,” says the scientist, stressing that the negative trends will continue until such time as “transnational corporations will not cease to plunder a sovereign state in other parts of the world, being on the periphery of capitalism.”

Elena Ponomareva draws attention to the fact that the Balkan region is the most “turbulent zone” of Europe. “This is due to the combination of two factors: the transit location of the region (pipelines, transit of goods and migrants, drug trafficking) and intermingled (mixed together) living peoples, blending cultures and religions, – the expert specifies. – For these reasons, the Balkans are very vulnerable to external influence inthe words of a dramatic struggle for influence, territory and resources. The Balkans can become both an independent conflict and trigger (trigger) a more large-scale confrontations. Given the specifics of the internal region and the external factor – the interests of third countries (primarily the United States, Germany, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran), military-political blocs (NATO) and non-state actors in world politics (private military companies, international terrorist and criminal organizations), one of the most likely scenarios see: “Balkan Caliphate”.

“the Centers, the cores of the “Balkan Caliphate”, as the network structure can be processed in the next 10-15 years, and by the middle of the XXI century is education can get a stable shape in the ever-expanding boundaries of residence Muslim population of the region, – said the Professor. Is Albania, Greece, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Serbia, including Kosovo, Montenegro. Speech in this case goes about the formation of radical Islamic politics, tightly integrated into the structures of international terrorism. This statement is based on the dry statistics that shows, unfortunately, only the tip of the problematic iceberg. The speed and form of implementation as well as probability of the scenario of BH depends on the options of global development. In terms of global scenario “global military and power struggle” regional scenario of BH can be activated in the interests of the West. Radical Islamists and militants actually use against the allies of Russia in the region, including direct military action. The main direction of impact will obviously Orthodox Slavs, especially the Serbs”.