By mid-may in the far Eastern Federal district signed 7506 contracts under the program totaling over $ 26.1 billion rubles. Leaders began to Primorsky Krai and Yakutia – here 2049 2025 and concluded contracts, respectively. The total volume of issued funds is 7.5 billion rubles in Primorye and 7.8 billion rubles in Yakutia. In third place the Republic of Buryatia – here 918 signed contracts for a total amount of 2.1 billion rubles.

the far Eastern Demand for mortgages continues to grow in spite of the pandemic, noted in the Ministry. At the same time, the current crisis has complicated the work of the regions on increasing the volume of the mortgage. So, in Zabaykalsky Krai the meeting of the project office in the far Eastern mortgage noted that local real estate developers previously had agreed to sign agreements on work within this program. “After what started the pandemic. And these developers are forced now because of the outflow of labor from China to increase its costs and change the model much. According to their calculations, they just can’t sign now, because there are very big risks. Risks associated with increased costs,” – said the representative of the region.

the Head of Minvostokrazvitiya Alexander Kozlov has urged the regions to actively work out specific conditions for developers – what grounds, with what infrastructure, on what terms they can offer. He said that signed some kind of Pact with the PEAK that it is prepared to build in the far East. Has erected a quarter in the Primorye territory, discussed the construction on Sakhalin. “They have, conventionally, there is strength, power. But I need to offer them a distribution platform, the conditions under which they are willing to go for up to 5 years. To power its relocated,” said Kozlov.

the Number of regions noted that young families wishing to participate in the program often do not have this capability because they do not have accumulated for a down payment. Its ownership, the security which it would be possible to issue the credit, they also have, and sometimes their current housing does not fit the criteria of the banks due to lack of improvement.

the Minister noted that 20% down payment is a requirement of the Central Bank, however, the question of reducing this “threshold” has been raised. The regulation on the reduction of the initial payment was made by the Ministry, the Ministry for inclusion in the draft plan out of the crisis. “Now waiting for review at the site of the first leaders of our country,” the Minister said.