but In the days of the protests in Belgrade lobby NATO and the West made another unsuccessful attempt to drive a wedge between Serbia and Russia. The West has a great influence on the Serbian media that they organized broadcast false reports about who was behind the unrest, and organized the persecution of Russia. But all their efforts are in vain, says the author.

In the first days of the protests in Belgrade and Serbia among the demonstrators detained some foreigners: Israelis, Russians, Tunisians, and so on. The news instantly came to the fore, and soon started talking about that behind the protests are external forces. Immediately after that, as if on cue, much of the media began to accuse the Russian Federation that this is it forces foreigners wants to overthrow the government in Serbia. For several days, the media was discussed, and in some places still continue.

Baiting Russia began suddenly, as if on someone’s command, and participated in it, even those media that are considered to be close to power. It is very unusual, given that they emphasize facts favorable to the power and against her not going. Undoubtedly, relations between Serbia and Russia are exceptionally good, Russia has fully and openly support Serbia, especially in Kosovo and Metohija, and in many other ways. For example, Russia defends Serbia against attempts to assign to it responsibility for the genocide.

It is known that Russia not only sells Serbia advanced weapons at below market prices, but simply gives it. Also Russia is strongly and stubbornly allows the so-called Kosovo to enter in the most important international organization has a decisive impact on some countries to refuse recognition of lagoudera Kosovo.

Russia has many times helped Serbia to cope with the aftermath of natural disasters, and helped in the recent combat coronavirus and in many other ways. Then how is it possible, that the previously mentioned credible and replicable (or with a large audience of viewers), the media did not notice that “bought” for cheap propaganda of NATO? The answer is that foreign forces are indeed present, but it’s not that the protests are instigated by Russia. The West influences our media that they organized and deliberately broadcast false and biased reports of who is behind the unrest. I will remind that Russia in Serbia there is only the Agency Sputnik, and the United States and the European Union, countless media under their control.

Since this diversion against Russia have clearly failed in some point there was talk about that for this attempt politically to discredit and information of the Russian Federation is the “deep Serbian state”. Before about it, few people remembered, but now, under the new version, it operates counter to the policy of the authorities.

The attack on Russia was ��has one unsuccessful attempt to lobby NATO and the West to drive a wedge between Serbia and Russia. The real purpose of this attempt of the West (USA and EU) was to isolate Serbia from its most important ally, and then easily to get what he needs from Serbia. Now we are talking about “dragging” of Kosovo’s independence and its membership in the UN. The West wants to close the Kosovo question on the model applied to Macedonia. But the Serbs, if you still believe in someone, it’s Russia and Putin, but who they believe is the West. So all efforts were in vain, and the chances of success there. It is not enough just to pay compliments to the leadership of Serbia, films about the importance of Serbia and its great people for peace, promising Serbia a membership here and there (someday, provided that it is some kind of another requirement), to pay for the Horde of non-governmental organizations and sponsor numerous media outlets in Serbia, as well as write and speak about us. Need to do something specific, essential in the interests of Serbia, and the West does not, and will not do. He takes care of Serbia only in order to deceive her and take away the beginning for Kosovo and Metohija, and then, perhaps with less effort, and other areas. The main — territory, not democracy, rights, good-neighbourliness or principles. Do not be fooled.

The next question, which will deal with the West when Kosovo and Metohija will succeed, as he should be of Raska (Sanjak) and Vojvodina (if not included in one of the packages that the West will offer in the current negotiations). After or at the same time begins the destruction of Republika Srpska. Turn it into part of a unitary Islamic Bosnia and Herzegovina. And then it will be boosted and the membership of Serbia and the “independent Kosovo” NATO. In addition, Kosovo and Metohija have fossil wealth and represent for the West exceptional geopolitical importance, as they give the opportunity to control Europe, middle East, Russia and former Eastern bloc countries of the Adriatic sea and surrounding regions.

I remind you also that the West, and not Russia, “specializiruetsya” in inciting protests in other countries. In addition, we have seen how immediately after the elections in Serbia, the West (USA and EU) began to exert enormous pressure on the country, especially in Kosovo and Metohija. In Congress launched the procedure for the adoption of the Declaration on Srebrenica, which will lay the responsibility for the genocide on Serbia and Serbs, and it will be a new attempt to destroy the Republika Srpska. However, the US has allocated huge funds for non-governmental organizations in Serbia to impose in our country and American values. Was done much, just at the moment of power vacuum when the government and the national Assembly do not have the sdoor stoppers power. But to comply with the rule of law, what the West constantly urges, it would be necessary to stop all negotiations until the start of the legitimate Serbian government.

So isn’t it obvious who undermines Serbia from outside, whatever its authority?

The author is a former Ambassador, Deputy Chairman of the Belgrade forum for equitable world