The human foot, which on Monday was found at a waste processing company at Ten o’clock, there was a sound coming from a woman. The research conducted by the wetsarts suggested, will report to the Leuven public prosecutor on Thursday. For the time being, it remains unclear as to which wife it was going to be. “The forensic and police investigations are now being pursued”, says the public prosecutor’s office.

It was a blue-collar worker, a waste processing company in the foot Monday morning, and found among the waste at the sorting it was. The man is called immediately by the person in charge of the company, which, in turn, will be the police zone, Getevallei (Hoegaarden, Country, Tienen, Linter and Zoutleeuw) called.

at The ku Leuven public prosecutor was informed. This was immediately wetsarts, the Disaster Victim Identification team (DVI) of the belgian federal police, the judicial laboratory, the criminal investigation department of the police force Getevallei as well as the federal judicial police of Leuven-Leuven on the spot.

“The wetsgeneesheer have the foot examined”, says the public prosecutor’s office on Thursday. “The study confirmed that it is to be a wife. Their age, identity, and the cause and time of death could not be determined. The forensic and police investigations are now being pursued. There will be an attempt to make a DNA profile, and to determine how much of the base when the company came out of it. The federal judicial police of Leuven and has been here working hard.”