may 12, in the Crimea will impose a regime of compulsory wearing of masks in public places, and on may 18 will gradually resume the operation of enterprises and organizations of the Peninsula. This does not include sanatoriums, hotels and boarding houses – they are, according to Sergey Aksenov, will only work when there is a vaccine against coronavirus. However, some hoteliers refuse to disrupt the holiday season and open their doors illegally.

As admitted, respondents “MK” hoteliers in the whole of April passed without any shocks, since this month is traditionally considered to be “low” the holiday season. However, if by the summer the tourism sector will not be restored, many entrepreneurs will find themselves on the brink of survival. Previously, the government decided to resume the operation of hotels from 1 June. But, according to Aksenova, in the Crimea, the holding of the holiday season this year is a big question and perhaps the dates would be shifted.

However, some of the Crimean hotels have resumed booking. “We have opened booking for June 1. The applications have been received. If the deadline will again be moved, we will return the money or to move your arrival date. Yet, just in case, opened the possibility of free of reservation”, – told “MK” in one of the Park hotels.

“of Course, we will fulfill all the requirements of the authorities. But Feldman has announced his wishes orally only, the document is not fixed, and we hope to be able to meet visitors in June. Now our complex is fully closed. You have permission to settle in travel, but we have them,” said the Manager of another location.

the testing was that in some hotels you can book a room in may, but have to pay cash. Found at random on the Internet hotel told us that check in is open on any date, including this week. And the hotel representative was not embarrassed that the prospective guest is from Moscow and is planning a vacation, not a working visit. “And how you can get us? On the plane better not try and get sometime on the machine,” said the girl.

“Actually, many of these cases. And the may holidays hotels hosted. Even now I see on the street not a lot of local people. This, of course, wrong, but you can understand them. Of course, we would like to work legally…”, – told “MK” a representative of the hotel in Kerch.

According to the regional Department of Rospotrebnadzor, Dmitry Krutikov, every day in Crimea comes about 1500-2000 people. According to the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov, after the decision on the placement in the Observatory all arrived on the Peninsula from other regions has appeared shadow directions using transplants in other cars at the Crimean bridge. “People have come up with ways to circumvent the ban beginning to work a variety of gray schemes”, – fromhave sword Feldman.

There is one “but” – to swim in the sea is prohibited. The beaches are patrolled outfits. If you check all the small hotels they can’t, then walk along the waterfront and catch the offenders – a trifling matter. Our colleagues reported from the Crimea that the beaches in different regions of the Peninsula, there is indeed empty. Perhaps because the water is still cold. And sunbathing is possible and in another place, away from the patrols.