Center for specialized surgical care appears in city clinical hospital (GKB) name S. S. Yudin.

To accommodate the new center for specialized surgical care chosen by the former therapeutic unit of the hospital. The seven-story building with an area of 15.3 thousand square meters is now under complete reconstruction.

the centre Capacity will be 220 beds and nine intensive care beds. But the main specialization will be surgery and traumatology of the hand and shoulder. The chief physician of hospital of a name of S. S. Yudina Olga Pupysheva said that the center will be called “Salvation of the upper limbs”.

Experts will conduct treatment of musculoskeletal system, to eliminate the effects of fresh and previously suffering injuries and chronic diseases. The active use of minimally invasive surgery will significantly shorten the period of recovery and rehabilitation of patients.

In the center will carry out complex high-tech operations, including reconstructive surgery, osteosynthesis (surgical treatment of fractures and deformities of the bones), surgery on tendons and peripheral nervous system, surgical treatment arthroscopic directions (minimally invasive surgical procedure, which is performed for diagnosis and/or treatment of damage to the inner part of the joint).

Patients will receive the quality of diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as periartroz (thinning in the tissues connecting the joints), benign tumors (osteoid osteoma, chondroma, chondroblastoma, etc.), bursitis (inflammation of the mucous membrane of the joint), open and closed fractures, injuries, inflammation, sprains, strains, wounds of the shoulder, elbow and wrist joints, not accrete fracture of the navicular bone, compound fractures of the phalanges.

According to Olga Pupysheva, more recently, patients with these diseases had no prospects.

the most Important activity of the center will be purulent surgery. It will provide specialized surgical care as in the ordinary suppuration, and life-threatening rare inflammatory diseases of the hand and wrist.

In the short-term stay hospital patients will have a highly qualified operational assistance, allowing them literally in a matter of hours after the surgery to return to normal life.

the Centre will feature modern laboratory and surgical equipment. It microscopes, apparatus for computed tomography and other equipment. She will have a honey��medical assistance at the highest level.

In the center will employ about 270 staff — endovascular surgeons, trauma surgeons, endoscopists, experts of departments of vascular surgery, neurosurgery, laboratory diagnostics, as well as nurses and other staff.

In the hospital, according to Olga Pupysheva, it is possible to combine the efforts of different specialists, including neurosurgeons, vascular surgeons, and microsurgeons of trauma. The important role played by high-tech equipment.

the First patients of the center for specialized surgical care plans to take this summer.

the Work on creation of the center began in December 2019 and is divided into two stages.

In June 2020 it is planned to complete the first phase of the reconstruction of the fourth and fifth floors, during which there will be two operational unit, intensive care unit and ward offices are equipped with medical gas supply, ventilation and air conditioning, as well as a system backup power supply. Now the works are completed by 90 percent.

Until the end of 2020 should be completed the second phase of works on the first, second, third, sixth and seventh floors, where will be organized a short-term stay hospital, day hospital, Department of rehabilitation of the upper extremities, two receiving Department.

City clinical hospital № 79, was established in 1961 on the basis of the Kolomna rural hospital that existed in 1929. In 2015 the structure of the hospital No. 79 entered hospital № 7.

In the same year, the combined institution was named after the famous surgeon and scientist Sergei Sergeevich Yudin (1891-1954).

Now the clinical hospital named S. S. Yudin is one of the largest multidisciplinary hospitals of Moscow in 1694 bed. In addition, the hospital has 214 intensive care beds, 50 day care beds and 30 beds of short-term stay hospital.

the hospital has 3.2 thousand employees, including 877 doctors, 1360 paramedical staff, 971 employee other personnel. It employs 16 doctors and 137 candidates of medical Sciences. 14 specialists have the status of a Moscow physician.

Hospital covers an area of 24 hectares in the area of Nagatino-Sadovniki. The hospital complex occupies 25 buildings with a total area of over 150 thousand square meters. Including:

a multi-hospital (Kolomenskiy proezd, Dom 4) for 1,100 beds General hospitals, and 144-bed intensive care;

a multi-hospital (street of Academician millionshchikova, 1) on 410 beds infectious profile, including 60 beds for intensive care;

perinatal center (Kolomenskiy proezd, Dom 4) — a maternity hospital with 140 beds a day hospital with 12 beds, a separate children’s box case for premature children in weight from 450 grams to 104 beds, and 10 beds intensive care;

two outpatient departments;

antenatal clinic.

Along with other departments as part of the hospital work in the primary cardiovascular care unit and the regional vascular centre.

In 2019 at clinical hospital named after S. S. Yudin was organized by the center for the treatment of chronic pain, the center for hernia surgery and center for surgery in reproductive medicine.

Hospital participates in the project “University clinic” is a clinical base of the First Moscow state medical University named after I. M. Sechenov, and other leading medical universities on profiles “obstetrics”, “surgery”, “therapy”.

In 2019 in the clinical hospital named Yudina was cured 106 thousand people (in 2018 98 thousand people).

For the past year has been operated 35 380 (2018 — 27 440 people).

In hospital for a short stay is made 3780 operations (2018 — 3420 surgery).

For the diagnosis and treatment was conducted 7880 endovascular interventions (in 2018 — 7530 interventions).

In the maternity ward of the clinical hospital named Yudina taken 8780 genera (2018 — 7077 birth).

the Doctors and nurses of the clinical hospital named after S. S. Yudin one of the first involved in the fight against the spread of a new coronavirus infection. For patients with COVID-19 repurpose one of the buildings of the hospital of 410 beds at the address: street of Academician millionshchikova, 1. In may 2020 near him was erected a temporary backup hospital with 86 beds.

in addition, in the conduct of clinical hospital No. 79 is backing a temporary hospital in the automobile shopping centre “Moscow” in 1890 beds.

On February 29, 2020, the hospital took over four thousand patients with suspected coronavirus infection, prescribed more than 3.7 thousand.

as of June 10, 2020 to treat the 302 patients with a diagnosis of “pneumonia”.

COVID-19 was confirmed in 208 people. The oxygen out of the intensive care unit is 41 people, and in the intensive care unit — 46 patients. Invasive ventilation is required for 22 people, one patient is ��and non-invasive ventilation.

In recent days enrolled 42 patients, 39 patients are discharged.

a feat of medical workers: Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin for the salvation of patients with COVID-19Столичные hospitals will begin to operate normally two to three weeks.