in the spring of the country, especially hay fever sufferers know. The concentration of birch pollen in the air increases significantly.

“The tree pollen starts to be blown about, and, especially, the trees, the problem is, with more than a hundred seeds per square metre,” says VRT weatherman Frank Deboosere, which will also alerts you to high uv-index. “It’s very important to have adequate sunscreen if you’re going to have a long sit in the sun.”

The free-floating pollen to exceed significantly the threshold value, therefore, sensitive people are warned. Allow them to be waiting for you, sniveling, sneezing, red eyes and a sore throat. The symptoms that are to some extent consistent with covid-19, but the ENT doctor, Peter Hellings, of the university hospitals of Leuven, Leuven shall live in peace “In a corona of infection are also other important components, such as a loss of smell, fever, and a general feeling of being ill.”

the pollen season of your rally tree, or a species going to do? These are the tips of the Scientific Institute of public Health (WIV-isp), may hooikoortsklachten help:

you can also avoid the efforts and activities in the outdoor area of your house during the night, when the pollenconcentraties less, keep the windows of the car closed, wear a sun glasses while cycling, or running dry, the wax do not use paper napkins in fabrics, handkerchief, continue to be polled to hang) it was your hair before you go to bed to get pollen is to remove the mowing of the grass are not, and do not come near the places where this is done to avoid fruits or vegetables that your symptoms are getting worse To keep abreast of all the news about the corona virus? You can follow all the latest updates.

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