Already this year, will announce the winners of the new literary competition. Korney Chukovsky. As you might guess, the prize of the government of Moscow will honor the most notable prose and poetry for children. One of the initiators of the great-grandson of Korney Ivanovich Chukovsky, Dmitry, who in the virtual world spoke about the significance of the award for new authors.

the First floor was taken by head of the Department of culture of Moscow Alexander Kibovsky. He listed seven categories in which to determine the winners. Among them – prose and poetry collection for children aged up to seven and from eight to twelve years, the best translation on Russian language for kids to seven and from eight to twelve years. Finally, the best, according to readers, the product for children. The winner of each category will receive one million roubles.

– We can be proud of the achievements of our writers of previous generations and, in particular, Korney Chukovsky, whose annual circulation is about two million copies. However, there are writers who are working today in the genre of children’s literature and it is important that our children brought up not only on the classics, but also modern authors, which over time could become classics – said Kibovsky.

the selections were announced by Director General of the Moscow Directorate for the development of cultural centres of the Department of culture of Moscow Timur Vakhitov. According to him, already in early autumn on the basis of accepted applications will be created a long list, and in October will be known to a short list award. From it the jury will choose winners in six categories and one will be determined by readers ‘ vote.

the great-Grandson of Korney Chukovsky, Dmitry Chukovsky in his speech said that his great-grandfather was not only a children’s author but a translator, and literature took almost one hundred percent of his time.

my dream is that this award became a professional measure of children’s literature over the past two years – said Dmitry Chukovsky – we should Not forget the material component. This prize is today one of the most financially secure in the world of children’s literature. It is also symbolic because Chukovsky throughout his life, as he repeatedly wrote in journals, tried to jump out of the state daily chore. When he, as he himself said, had to write “a ruble for the line”.

Dmitry Chukovsky believes that this award will provide children’s writers with the opportunity, at least temporarily, to break free from your daily routine and fully engage in literary work. Happy great-grandson of the writer and the fact that the Chairman of the jury was the famous children’s writer Andrey Usachev. In��natural with him to determine the winners will be poets, translators, authors of books for children: Grigory Kruzhkov, Marina Boroditsky, Mikhail Yasnov and Sergei Makhotin Galina Uncle, and also the Director of Russian state children’s library Maria I. and literary critic, researcher of the House-Museum of Korney Chukovsky Paul Hooks.