In the village of Dmitrievka, the Governor visited the club in which the repair is completed. Work in areas of the rural House of culture was launched last year under the program budgeting initiative. Then insulate the building and made the paneling. Then fixation was continued in the framework of the Federal project “the Local House of culture.” In DC resulted in the order of the floors and roof, updated heating system, installed suspended ceilings, painted walls. The contractor has proposed a new technological solution to the walls, making the repairs has declined for three months.

To the beginning of the school year Demetrius the House of culture with a hall for 80 seats and two leisure areas will be completely ready. It remains to establish the chair and to finish the stage dressing, – said the Minister of culture and national policy of the Amur region Nadezhda Torgunova. – For the repair of the club spent 2.4 million rubles.

In the village of Ivanovka ends overhaul of the stadium on the program “Gazprom – to children”. Amount of sponsorship – more than 56 million rubles.

According to the administration of district sports facility is 80 percent held light, equipped with a canopy over the spectator stands, a athletics track around the stadium, laid artificial turf of a football field. In the near future the specialists will complete the filling of a football field with sand and the markings on the athletics track, but will also prepare the track and field sector and playgrounds for team sports – volleyball, basketball and handball.

– Work a few delays adverse weather. We planned that the new stadium will be the Olympics, but because in the fashion industry, the event shifted to a much later period, while in the second half of August. So nothing critical in the small slippage do not see, – said Vasily Orlov.

On the stage of completion of repairs and modernization of the Ivanovskaya mezhposelencheskaya Central library. Funds for these purposes from the Federal ($10 million) and local (2.6 million) budgets. The library received equipment for Studio robotics and 3D modeling, 3D printer, virtual reality helmets and equipment to service the visually impaired and blind users, and sound equipment. Replenished with funds of more than four thousand books.

– we Have a similar institution in Blagoveshchensk – the Chekhov library. It is made on the new model principle. It is not a mere library in the classical sense, it is the center of attraction for active people. We believe that such approach is the future – said the head of the region. – For 2021 we have applied to the Federal budget request for modernization of eight libraries. The government of the Amur region Dec��lo faster pace to Finance from the regional budget the construction of such libraries in large towns, primarily in rural areas. I think the residents it should be like.

the Governor visited the city and toured a children’s Playground, which was a gift to the 160th anniversary of the city from the regional government. In the framework of grants of the Ministry of culture to anniversaries of municipalities the City has allocated 19 million rubles for the installation of the children’s town.

Game complex “Fairy Kingdom” area of 700 square meters located in the Park. It consists of towers in the style of medieval castles, high rise platforms, slides, passages and stairs. Safety coating selected increased thickness of four inches instead of the usual one centimeter.

– This Playhouse is still the largest in the region. I think it turned out very nice – bright, impressive. But should be assessed by the residents, primarily children, concluded Vasily Orlov.

the Opening of the children’s town will be held in the coming days, a visit to the Playground will be free.