We will continue to be together 79% of the time in our room or within the confines of our own community. This is confirmed by the first measurements, on the basis of the information which telecom operators have been released. The number of people that have a distance of more than 40 km of travel, with 95 per cent.

during the week of march 2, the first measures were announced, we spent more than one-third of our day away from our home town (by 35%). The week after that it decreased up to 30% – which on Saturday was the first day the shops in town. In the last two weeks gave us one-fifth of the day, outside of our zip code (22% and 21%).

in each case, to the period of time between 7 and 19 o’clock. And, for the sake of clarity, the averages: those of you who are still going to be working in a different branch, of course, is more than 2.5 hours of outside of their own zip code. However, the number of trips outside of your own zip code in a month’s time, with a 54 per cent decline.

The long distance (over 40 km) is almost completely lost (-95%). Travel to just outside of the zip code (5 miles away) with a third party, has declined. The distance should be between 5 and 40 km, a reduction of about 60%.

cell phone towers

The figures have been calculated on the basis of non-personally identifiable visitor information to the operators. In other words, it is checked to ensure that your mobile / smart phone within the reach only of the cell towers in your area, but it is the government, the movement is in no way back to an individual.

“This is a unique co-operation with the operators, gives us an interesting insight into a privacyconforme,” said minister of Telecom and Philippe De Backer (Open VLD), who was the task force’s Data By the Points lead. “I am pleased with the joint efforts of the whole Belgian population as a whole in order for the corona virus to be overcome. As my colleague Maggie De Block, says: ‘we have removed the virus from his neck skin, and we can’t solve the problem. This means that we will all have to continue to work together, and our strict compliance with all the measures in place.”

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