Of all goods for the garden noticeable other more expensive lawn mower, which is probably related to the change in the exchange rate. The average price of a mower in June 2020 amounted to 13.87 thousand rubles (plus 35% compared to June 2019). However, a significant rise in prices did not stop the Russians from acquiring this product: the main sales in may and June, and in June the volume of sales of lawn mowers has increased by 4% compared to the same period last year.

However, really has added value and lower-tech tools: shovels (plus 20%), cocoa butter (plus 18%), forks (18%), rake (14%). The volume of sales rose only rake (plus 8%), the demand for the other instruments a plus-minus remained at the same level as last year. Also, despite the fact that peak sales of the seeds is from February to March, in June, prices have still increased by 15% in comparison with June of last year. Sales showed a slight increase of 3%.

But sales of flower pots in June fell by half despite the fact that their prices albeit marginally, but decreased (2%) by June last year. Shovels are also not popular among Russians: their sales fell by 11% and prices up by 8% compared to June last year. And only the hoses showed relative stability: fluctuations in prices and volume of sales in June was in the range of 2-3%.

the Analysis was made on the basis of the statistical sample of fiscal anonymized data received only by the operator’s fiscal data, OOO “Taxco”. In total, we analyzed more than 19 billion cash checks.