The corona virus is ruling the world in the meantime, for the past few weeks. That also goes hand in hand with a healthy dose of the news. In this video, we put the most important facts in a row.

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the Video to The Newspaper.

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What is the corona virus? What are the symptoms? How can infection be avoided? What if you get sick? What measures are there in Belgium? For more about the corona virus Huurdersbond particular, “unfair” scheme, student flats university of Ghent

the Students, who have a room to rent from the university of Ghent, and, in march, had to be evacuated due to the coronacrisis, tired.

Italy is the Netherlands, and can be used for break-in for the EU: “this is A country of narrow-minded national self-interest” < / P> and the EU is shaking due to the corona at its core. In an open letter to warn the Italian burgemees…

For the first time in a map, put it this way: many of the infections has for your church < / P> For the first time since the beginning of the appearance of the new corona virus that makes public Health and the …
the full impact of The corona virus, in Ghent, to follow the decisions of
the full impact of The corona-virus in the of Gent continues to be enormous. In public life, it is as good as ground to a halt….

The quarantainedagboek: “Now that I have my allergies and a lot of sneezing all the time, people have a fear of my” Life in quarantine, it is not always easy. And yet, we try to make the best of the m…