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The Austrian authorities have decided to open thousands of small stores, to weaken the previously imposed restrictive measures. Tuesday is allowed to open retail outlets with an area less than 400 square meters, as well as home improvement stores and garden centers
The defense Ministry published a document dedicated to the liberation of the Austrian capital. In section "Vienna waltz" on the website posted reports and summaries, refuting the myth that the Red army supposedly met on the outskirts of the city serious resistance to the Nazis
Scientists from the University of Bonn through a random sample was tested for antibodies to the coronavirus 1000 residents of the village of Gangelt, in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Antibodies were detected in 14%, 2% studied showed signs of infection COVID-19.
The government of Austria until the end of April, renewing the restrictive measures on the exit of citizens on the street. This informed the Chancellor Sebastian Kurz. Mass events will be banned until the end of June
Hundreds of tourists infected with a coronavirus infection during ski holiday in the Austrian resort Ischgl has prepared a class action lawsuit. They decided to sue the leaders of the place, not timely close the slopes
Pandemic coronavirus has hit the Austrian food producers. Because of the closed Eastern European borders of the agricultural enterprises began to experience a shortage of seasonal labour from Ukraine and Romania
Because of the coronavirus cultural life of Vienna were forced to a standstill. The long-awaited premiere, the tickets for which were sold out long ago, had to cancel or postpone indefinitely. As the theaters of the Austrian capital to cope with the new conditions, found out the correspondent "RG"
The Austrian authorities decided to close the air communication with Russia, Ukraine, the Netherlands and the UK. This was announced by the Chancellor Sebastian Kurz. As specified in the Embassy of the Russian Federation, the measures will come into force at midnight on 17 March
In Austria sounded the alarm: the share of recruits with body weight more than 100 pounds has increased over several decades by more than two times. Experts believe that such developments resulted in the proliferation of fast food and lack of physical activity
Despite the fact that winter has actually come to an end, the season of SARS and influenza is still not over. According to the latest influenza research Institute im. A. A. Smorodintseva in the observed cities Institute, the incidence of these viruses has exceeded the epidemic threshold by almost 16%. The incidence of hospitalization with influenza and SARS have been above its pre-epidemic baseline of 38.4%. These shocking figures are forced to think seriously about how not to fall in the number of patients.
The first cases of coronavirus in Europe appeared a few weeks ago, now in the Old world had a hearth Covid-19. In the Apennines, the government announced emergency measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Italy acquired the dubious laurels of the third (after China and South Korea) countries for the dissemination of new dangerous diseases. The number of people infected in the Italian North has already exceeded 200 people. Quarantine, closed the city, cancellation of mass events – all of this had to face the Italians. And the attack of the disease has led to the first victims.

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