amendments to the Constitution of Russia will strengthen the foundations of Russia’s foreign policy, working for international security, said Russian Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov.

“the amendments to the Constitution, which received strong approval of our voters, they will undoubtedly strengthen the foundations of our foreign policy, working to strengthen international security, in search of collective solutions to existing problems,” he explained.

Ryabkov said that the Russians will see a certain to strike a better balance, a clear distinction between domestic law, constitutional requirements and “unfair attempts by some bodies to interpret international law so that these interpretations are inconsistent with the provisions of our Constitution.”

Deputy head of the Russian foreign Ministry is sure that the vast majority of members of the international community with great respect to the decisions of the Russians. In his words, Russian foreign policy is a partnership and is aimed at addressing the challenges and approaches in the context of formation of multipolarity in the world.

“It’s a powerful process and in many ways this is related to the efforts of the recent attacks from Washington on the people’s Republic of China, it is also quite troubling in the current picture,” – said Ryabkov.