Infectious threat is gradually receding, and the city returned to normal life. For example, in “charge” began to open pavilions, which are not worked during the period of the restrictions applied because of the pandemic coronavirus. Since 25 June, Park visitors will again be able to visit the Floriana underground Museum and the ice cave.

For safety, please follow the simple rules and use special routes. In the Park emphasize that it’s important to separate the flows of people, preventing their accumulation in one place.

At the entrance to the pavilions, the guests will have fever. A visit will be possible only in the means of individual protection (required in masks and preferably wearing gloves). All buildings are non-contact dispensers for hand disinfection, ultraviolet recirculators work. It is recommended to observe social distance not less than 1.5 meters in the premises and the approaches thereto.

In the icy cave at the same time can be no more than 17 people. The session in this case lasts no more than 10 minutes. Between visiting groups will be provided with a sanitary contact surfaces and hall. Entrance with food and drinks in the pavilion, where the installation is prohibited. To get to the ice cave, as before, through the main entrance to the pavilion and go straight to the street.

Floriana works with half-hour breaks for the disinfection of the premises. This procedure is performed at least once in two hours. Visit the greenhouse you either individually or together with family (no more than five people in the group). The session lasts 10 minutes. Guests Floriana are also asked to respect the social distance and wear masks.

Laboratory and cafes scientific and educational center “Protected the Embassy” is not open.

Until June 28 you can get to the free exhibition “faces of war” in the underground Museum. Its online opening was held on may 9, the exhibition dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory. A visit to the Museum passes through the sessions every 30 minutes, duration not more 20 minutes. At the same time in the Museum can be up to 10 people. It is proposed to follow a special route and to comply with social distance. After working with the interactive panels are encouraged to use the dispensers with disinfectants for hands. In between sessions in the premises of the required disinfection.

tickets for the ice cave and the Floriana is contactless: online, on the official Park website and mobile app as well as through payment-navigation terminals located in the territory. Check the tickets using a mobile validators at the entrance to the pavilions. When passing on a discount ticket the visitor is obliged to present the documents confirming the right to privileges.

General and temporary PRAvila visit the Park posted on its website.

Since June 23, was lifted for a stroll in the Park. Visitors are asked to comply with simple rules for everyone’s safety: in crowded places wearing masks and gloves, to observe social distance, try not to linger on the stairs and walkways, not to create large groups, use a special layout for movement and rest.

to walk on the floating bridge-one of the most popular viewpoints of Moscow — was safe, struck a artistic layout. When developing a system layout on the bridge and in the Park the artists were guided by the idea of color zoning: the visited area (the entrance and bridge) orange, Patriarchal metochion — red, blue — near the ponds, green — in the forest area, and a bright-blue — ice caves.

the complete abolition of restrictive measures in Moscow mass event in the Park will not be held.