In all that is happening, not the last role was played by the first virtual market of the Russian content Key Buyers Event: Digital Edition, organized by Roskino with the support of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation and Moscow Government.

accredited For the event, more than 1,400 participants, of which over 600 representatives of international companies from 70 countries of the world. Among them – representatives of MARVEL, APPLE TV, France Televisions, Wild Bunch, RTL, AMC Networks, Mediaset, Beta Film, Koch Media, China’s largest online cinema Iqiyi and many others. It is worth saying that the organizers are amazed by the scale of what is happening – they imagined that the first online market will look much more modest.

“We have developed a unique concept for a platform for national content market, which has not been used anywhere in the world. This type of interaction with international partners gives the participants of the Russian market of unlimited possibilities… This concept and the experience gained we plan to use and further, to create a permanent platform that will be the main source of information for foreign partners about what is happening in the Russian market, what projects are available and what opportunities exist… the success of the event confirms the long emerging trend: we are moving to a hybrid model work when a significant portion of its finally move to the Internet… Judging by the reviews, foreign buyers were surprised to find how many projects in different genres may offer Russia. And many countries intend to learn from our experience and use it to organize their own online markets, the national content,” says Evgenia Markova, Director General of Roskino.

“this year is very important for us to support the industry. Create a comfortable and functional business area in conjunction with the “Roskino” was one of the main tasks for the Ministry of culture. And despite the unusual – a fully digital format, it went really well. During the week of the forum was scheduled and conducted about 600 meetings. Foreign participants who have seen all variety of national content, had the opportunity to understand what the auteur cinema of Russia what the Russian mainstream, what kind of animations we now offer. Thanks to Key Buyers Event managed to show to our international partners that the Russian industry continues to operate in such uncertain, difficult times, continues to do the content demanded by the global audience, and is open to further cooperation”, – said Olga Lyubimova, Minister of culture of the Russian Federation.

the General partners of the event became the largest Russian holding company “national Media Group” (Art Pictures Studio, “Hydrogen”, CTC Media,, channel 5) and “Gazprom of Media” (the company’s GPM RTV, “Central partnership”, NTV), �� also CTB film company and Studio Yellow Black and White. Partners were also made by the Association of Producers of film and Television, Association of animation cinema of Russia and the company “Ekspokontent”. Technological platform activities developed and supported by company SPB TV.

View more info – what was negotiated. For example, the film “palm” sold on the territory of Slovakia. At the Cannes online film market, which starts on 22 June, the company plans to close deals with Spain, Italy and France. Key Buyers at the Event were first presented to an international audience the series “Cheeky”. It is planned to complete negotiations for the film with Korea, Japan and Latin America. Great interest among buyers has caused the series “Heirs” – interested European distributors and TV channels, as well as one of China’s largest online platforms. The event was held crucial talks on the sale of the series “Kitchen. The war for hotel” with TV channels from Bulgaria and Hungary. Following the talks, the rights to the series were sold in these countries for a period of 3 years.

Military historical drama “Podolsk cadets”, which is not yet seen by our viewers, will be shown in the USA and the UK.

NTV presented to the international producers of the iconic projects under its special presentations and held online shows serials: suspense detective “the Ricochet”, the online premiered as part of the prestigious international program Buyers MIPTV Drama Summit, where a detective has become the only Russian project of the historical series “Bessonov” retro detective “Murderers”. Was also presented and popular television formats “You’re Super!” and “million dollar Secret”.

Tale-fantasy “the little humpbacked Horse” Oleg Pogodin liking partners from Spain and Germany – in negotiations. About the new feature-length cartoon “Barboskiny in the country”, “Beech” and “the Nutcracker and the Magic flute” and the series “Luntik and his friends” held talks with counterparts from China, Italy, France, Finland, Turkey and Eastern Europe.

the Key Buyers Event held a screening of the series “Catherine. Impostors”. Now our distributors are at the final stage of negotiations with Japan, interest was shown by the representatives of Romania, Colombia, North America, and in the framework of online meetings received a proposal to purchase the series from Chinese partners. The TV series “Dostoevsky” the audience will see South Korea – sold by the license agreement. Received offer for digital distribution in Latin America for the feature film “Kandahar”, “Spy” and “Soul of a Spy”. The results of the screening of the acclaimed series “zulaikha opens his eyes,” state TV channels of Slovakia, Ho��vatii, Hungary, Romania and Serbia have already confirmed the desire to purchase the rights to the project.

a contract with a large Scandinavian distributor would entail the fact that the biopic “Kalashnikov” will see in the Nordic countries. Earlier, the film was sold to USA, Germany, France, Japan, Korea, UK, Poland, who discussed the transaction on Latin America and China. Sci-Fi movie “Coma” will be released in the online rental in Latin America at the end of the summer, and will also appear on key digital sites in USA. At the stage of signing the agreement is with a major pay TV channel of India at a package of horror “Bride”, “Dawn”, “the Queen of Spades: Wonderland,” and family film “Robo”. The deal was concluded for the sale of all rights to the movie “first Time” on the territory of Poland, as well as digital and sold HV the rights to the territory of the United States and Canada.

the TV Series “Coronation”, most likely, will be shown on Spanish TV negotiations. Great interest from the international partners showed a picture of Victor Tsoi “47” Alexey Uchitel (the film received several offers from festivals and distributors), “Winter” (the project was interested in the representatives of France, Spain, China) and “Palmira” – on Syria.

Given examples suffice to prove the fact that the world is not only discovered Russian cinema, but also competing for the right to buy a particular novelty. And we have not talked about the domestic animation. She continues to conquer the world. Our cartoons are already growing children in many countries.

Foreign participants noted that the first Russian experience proved to be a very successful platform comfortable, work – efficient, pointed and have a variety of genres, and a creative approach to the presentation of the content. From the “RG” I would like to mention an interesting panel discussion that you can watch and listen on the platform every day. Public dialogues of this kind, in different languages with obligatory translation was organized in Russia for the first time. And it turned out that many predstavitelyam to the film industry – as we do, and abroad, such professional conversations are not very enough.