August 1 will be opened in Moscow theatres, in which, according to the new requirements associated with the sanitary and epidemiological situation, can be not more than 50 percent of the audience. This statement was made by the special representative of Russian President for international cultural cooperation Mikhail Shvydkoi. But this does not mean that one day all the theatres open their doors. Director of the Russian academic youth theatre, Sofia Apfelbaum told the correspondent of “MK” as Ramtha’s going to leave the quarantine.

it So happened that this little interview was the first for Sophia Mikhailovna after the verdict in the case of the “Seventh Studio”. Recall, Apfelbaum freed from punishment, the artistic Director Kirill Serebrennikov received a suspended sentence. The conversation, fortunately, is dedicated to everyday issues.

– We have 1 Aug performances play not plan. We had a company gathering. I understand that no while no official documents, and this is only a draft that will be allowed to play on 1 August. In August, we rehearse.

– What?

– Perhaps, if allowed, we will be able to play our performance “Zobeide” on the street (he goes in the courtyard theatre – Approx. author). There are only thirty people of the audience, and it is summer, there is outdoor Seating. And what about the great performances don’t know what to say. Maybe a couple will only be able to play. It is necessary more time to sell tickets.

You already know what rules are going to sell them?

– there are no recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor in the way in which will be seated, so we are going to sell tickets can’t. It is clear that there are General guidelines: all men measured temperature, should all be masked, and the premises are subject to special treatment. Our staffs are now working in theatre, accounting, logistics Department, naturally, adhere to all General requirements. And here are the requirements for actors and rehearsals we are not able to develop. Waiting for the recommendations of the CPS, how to conduct rehearsals. Now the troupe is on vacation and we plan to resume rehearsals on August 1. I hope that this is some kind of clarity.”