In Moscow, warned that the participation of a strategic US bombers in military exercises in Estonia may endanger the security, primarily, of the Baltic States. If war breaks out between Russia and the United States, allies who provided US a place to put missiles and airfields for basing will be regarded by Moscow as the primary target.

Part of strategic bombers of the USA in military exercises in Estonia can threaten the security, first of all, the Baltic States, emphasized the first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Vladimir Jabbarov.

According to him, if war breaks out between Russia and the United States, allies who are willing to allow the U.S. military to its territory for the deployment of missiles, airfields for basing and refueling aircraft, will be regarded by Moscow as the primary target transmits the FAN.

however, he pointed out that the Baltic States, no one is threatening and what is ready to defend Tallinn — is unclear.

“can’t you just live quietly? None does not attack them, no prejudice. What are they afraid of? If Russia wants these territories back, she would have done it, but we voluntarily let go. And now they invent a new enemy in Russia, but it’s not even naive, it’s not serious,” the MP summed up.

yesterday the Minister of defence, Estonia jüri Luik said that NATO in General and the Baltic region in particular part in the maneuvers of the American supersonic strategic bombers Rockwell International B-1 Lancer is an important sign that Americans are serious about their role in the protection of the Baltic countries.

“Particularly important that strategic bombers to fulfill their objectives by participating in our exercises “Spring storm,” admitted the military.

last month it became known that the European command of the U.S. armed forces (EUCOM) was forced to drastically reduce the scale and scope of the exercise Defender of Europe 2020.

Activities of combat and operational training in Europe was canceled due outbreaks of coronavirus. All movements of personnel, weapons, military and special equipment (AMSE) from the US to Europe has been suspended.

Just maneuvers Defender 2020 was assumed to involve about 37 thousand servicemen from 19 countries. Plans to conduct a strategic defensive operation on the continental theater of operations in connection with the invasion from the East was left virtually nothing.

At the same time earlier the head of the U.S. Department of defense mark Esper stated that the teachings Defender of Europe 2020 will be held in Europe to urge Russia “to change its bad behavior.”

the Minister said that this is more than 20 thousand US soldiers arrived in Europe. According to him, the main purpose of the eventth is is an attempt to reach out to Russia and to urge her to “change behavior.”

in addition, the European command, the United States said the country’s commitment to support NATO and the defense of Europe.

Military analysts have compared these maneuvers with the REFORGER exercises of the cold war era in Europe. They imitated the deployment of troops, forces and means of NATO in West Germany in case of conflict with the Soviet Union.

this year it was planned to carry out measures to repel the invasion of the hypothetical enemy, which has approximately equal to the operational and combat capabilities with NATO.

the Military has said that Russia has a significant temporal advantage for moving troops near the Baltic region. Luik urged his American counterpart to regularly conduct joint exercises in conditions of crisis and war.

a Month earlier the President of Lithuania Gitanos Nausea at the Munich security conference said that NATO is helping the Baltic States to “contain” Russia.

Politician during the panel discussion “U.S. Forces in the Baltic States: deterrence or provocation” thanked Washington for military assistance.

“Without the support of the United States and other NATO allies we would not be able to effectively deter the Russian threat. Our geographical position and geopolitical situation require us the most efficient use of our resources,” said Nausea.

He stressed the importance of rapid response of NATO forces located in Lithuania on any threat, as well as conducting joint exercises.

“the Decisive deterrent is a loud, regular and clear message to potential aggressors that any violation of security and sovereignty of the Baltic States will be accompanied by an immediate, decisive reaction and revenge” — summed up the Lithuanian leader.

the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, answering the accusations against Moscow in “aggressive behavior”, emphasized that this “conversation in favor of the poor”. He noted that the military activity of NATO in Eastern Europe is much higher than Russian — the border territories. In addition, the Russian leader reminded that the us defense budget is the largest in the world.

the Head of state recalled that originally the Alliance was created to counter the Soviet Union, but now there is no Soviet Union, and Warsaw Pact — military Pact, which was a response to NATO’s creation.

However, NATO not only exists but is growing, stressed the President of Russia. He pointed to the fact that at the time of its creation the Alliance was comprised of 12 States and now there are 29, and the combined military expenditures of the countries of the military block — more than 70% of global military expenditure.