Now it is serious. 19. April should begin the debt collection offices to their work. By state of siege he had imposed in March a debt enforcement prohibition, and the court preferred to holiday in civil and administrative proceedings to two weeks. This should be after Easter back in the end. Finally, the Federal Council is not aware that the period of standstill for the economic system conducive to. Because: as Long as no enforcements threaten, which lowers the pressure to settle his debts.

“It is Central that the rule of law works, even in the crisis,” said Keller-Sutter on Thursday in Bern in front of the media. Also claims should again be able to be enforced, otherwise the payment morale is sinking. These bad experiences you have made in the year 1914, on the outbreak of the First world war. Also, at the time, the periods stopped. The result: shortages of liquidity, because hardly anyone paid his debts.

in 1914, was a “cardinal error”

It had been quite aware of the fact that the period was a standstill from 1914 is a “cardinal error”, says Keller-Sutter. It was at the beginning of the Corona-crisis, but the only possible measure. In this way, you’ve gained time to the debt collection offices prepare for the new Situation. Now, you could engage “targeted measures” to preserve numerous companies in front of corona-related bankruptcies. The economic damage caused by the pandemic should be kept as low as possible.

get A debt is not provided. The Federal Council plans, rather, the capital protection, as well as the reorganization and moratorium law. Will be able to wait examined, among other things, a temporary scheme whereby companies in the event of imminent corona-related Indebtedness with the Declaration of bankruptcy. Today, the Board of Directors needs to report a threat of over-Indebtedness immediately to the judge.

The company is Sutter time to give

The lead usually to the immediate bankruptcy, because reported at liquidation values should be, said Keller. “The company should have time to reorganize.” A prerequisite is that the company had by the end of 2019, a healthy balance sheet and a view that over-Indebtedness can be fixed after the crisis.

the game room of the Federal Council also provides for the probate proceedings. These are used for larger companies to find solutions with your creditors. The elaborate procedure now to be on the needs of SMEs, tailored. Concrete measures Keller-Sutter not called yet.

Unbureaucratic possibilities

For smaller companies that are solely due to the Corona pandemic in financial hardships, the Federal Council intends to introduce a temporary moratorium. It should be sufficiently non-bureaucratic handled in a way that it is suitable method for Mass. The measure should also go less far than the ordinary debt restructuring moratorium: processes not suspended, salary claims and maintenance claims remain owed to. To prevent abuse, to be published in the deferred claims.

Because he does not want to lead the nationwide measures, the Federal Council is to bring the Notstundung to the application. This is in the debt collection and bankruptcy law provided for “extraordinary circumstances, in particular in the case of an ongoing economic crisis”. You would give the debtors the opportunity to request a deferral of up to six months.

For civil proceedings be assessed to the relief of the courts temporary special arrangements. By the courts, it was suggested, to allow the use of Video or telephone conferences, as this is in the administrative procedure is already possible.

Here is the help for SMEs

The Corona-crisis is hitting the Swiss economy, especially SMEs. Shops, Restaurants, Salons, museums and many more establishments have to temporarily close their doors. Many people see their life’s work in danger, don’t know how it goes, existence and fears-wide. Now quick, pragmatic and creative help is needed. The views of the group to contribute their part and supports as a cooperation partner of the Raiffeisen Initiative of the local On the free, non-profit Crowdfunding platform, the heroes can temporarily under all SMEs and local commercial projects intrude, and vouchers for the period after Corona or donations. Thus, short-term liquidity can be bridged loss problems and turnover. SMEs are the backbone of the Swiss economy, it remains strong.