The issue of extradition to Ukraine of some of the Russians detained in Belarus and supposedly pertaining to “PMC Wagner”, is becoming increasingly real. As stated by Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon, who met with President Alexander Lukashenko on 5 August, his companion “promised to give the green light” on the transfer of Kiev “those who participated in the fighting in the Donbass against Ukraine.” And already on Thursday morning, Mr Lukashenko was invited to the Minsk Prosecutor General of Russia and Ukraine to discuss the fate of the detainees. “Do not come — the question we will solve, without them,”— said the Belarusian President. In his rhetoric, there is a new external enemy, “the Americans and NATO members”, which can help Russia to destabilize Belarus.The authorities of Belarus to more confidently demonstrate that seriously going to give Ukraine some of the Russians arrested in the sanatorium near Minsk on July 29. According to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, and nine of them received a Russian passport recently and Kiev continues to consider them as its own citizens. Given that these people fought in the Donbass on the side of the breakaway republics, under Ukrainian law, they can face lengthy prison sentences.Read palaeologina quote of Alexander Lukashenko on this topic have not been published, but, according to the Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon, talked with the Belarusian President on Wednesday, the question in favor of Kiev is very likely. “He said Zelensky (Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky.— “B”) had asked him to convey the Ukraine who participated in the fighting in the Donbass against Ukraine, and Ukrainians in particular,— said Mr. Gordon of the Belarusian office of radio “Liberty” after the interview.— He said he will be given a green light to prosecutors and other law enforcement agencies of Belarus in accordance with Belarusian laws will do everything necessary in order to bring the guilty of both Russia and Ukraine.” The full interview, which, according to Dmitry Gordon, lasted two and a half hours, will be published on YouTube “in the coming days”.However, that thought of Alexander Lukashenko retold without distortion, can be seen already today — by his actions. As stated by the state news Agency BelTA, the Minsk already invited to the General prosecutors of Russia and Ukraine Igor Krasnov and Irina Venediktova to discuss further the fate of the 33 Russians. “Alexander Lukashenko noted that law enforcement agencies will cooperate on this issue in the framework of the signed with Russia and Ukraine’s international agreements”,— said the Agency. If Mr. red and Mrs. Venediktov refuses to sit at the same table, Minsk reserves the right to decide the question independently. “Do not come — the question we will solve, without them”— cut Belarus��iy the President.In addition, on the morning of Thursday, Alexander Lukashenko, has made several contradictory statements which consistently referred to “Americans and NATO troops”, which either do not represent a threat to Belarus, whether can provide it.”We will solve this problem (the extradition of the arrested Russians.— “Kommersant”). No politicization should not be. We don’t have performances nor political, nor economic. And scare us also do not have consequences. We know about all the consequences. Do not scare us Americans, NATO members. Not Americans and not NATO officials here have sent 33 people, for that matter,” said Mr. Lukashenka at a meeting on security during the presidential elections on 9 August.What happened in Belarus on the eve fiberoptical dilatatum he added that he does not know who is behind a hybrid war against his country. “There is a hybrid war against Belarus, and we have to wait for dirty tricks from either side,— he said.— What we actually do. Frankly, and probably you me new to say: we don’t know what they’re capable of. We don’t even know who they are. Or is it the Americans and the NATO members or from Ukraine we have someone running out, or our Oriental brothers so much “love” — we don’t even know.”To clear the air helped the third phrase, which alludes to the fact that the US and Russia are acting against Belarus as a United front. “Famous names, addresses, passwords, turnout. Sometimes it comes to miracles. The media alerted us that here we want to capture the Americans, NATO members. Some people were detained with an American passport, married to American women, working in the state Department. But with bayonets at the ready to protect them, the Russian leaders,” wondered the President.However, as explained in the Ukrainian foreign Ministry, despite strong rhetoric, while the discussion of the extradition of Russians — it’s just a discussion and not resolved.According to the Belarusian political scientist Alexander Feduta, who worked in the campaign headquarters of Alexander Lukashenko in 1994, and then joined the opposition, in deciding the fate of the detained Russians, the Belarusian President is guided by short-term considerations. “Alexander Lukashenko is not able to calculate the moves in advance — he is in panic due to the fact that he has already made,— told “Kommersant” Mr. Fyaduta.— I doubt that (the President of the Russian Federation.— “B”) Vladimir Putin will forget it. The fact that the names of the Russians formally transferred to Ukraine, will not forgive him. But he went too far because of those who advised him to get involved in this story with “Wagner”. Now he talks like malchish-Kibalchish: we would day stand, Yes night to hold on”. “Zelensky is not in the best position— he said “Kommersant”.— And if Alexander Lukashenko publicly humiliate him withyour refusal, he can also take revenge. Belarus is heavily dependent on trade with Ukraine. Actually profit from it in total covers the cost of the heating season. If this trade to cut, Minsk will be very difficult”.Cyril Krivosheitsev thoughts and opinions of the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenkist next