the Jury has decided that the final fall of the sculpture made in the tradition of the Soviet monumental art. According to the Chairman of the creative Council of RVIO Andrei Konchalovsky, the monuments will be installed in the small towns will become the focus of public attention. So better to do them in a traditional classical style. Also, the Director suggested that the faces of the soldiers to give features popular movie stars of the Soviet period, the image which embodies the starring Pavel Kadochnikov Nikolai Kryuchkov.

In the end, first place went to a project of Alexey Demidov, Andrew Korobtsova and Konstantin Fomin, second place – Dmitry Salychev, third in Andrew Korobtsova and Konstantin Fomin.

the Professionalism of all work noted academician of the Russian Academy of ARTS, people’s artist of Russia Mikhail Pereyaslavets, stressing that “the transfer of images of war is always a difficult story.”

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competition for the best creative decision the monument to Soviet soldiers was held with the Russian military-historical society from August 1, 2019 March 3, 2020.

To the competition Commission was submitted 86 projects from Russia, Belarus and Armenia. These works were evaluated taking into account the results of the online voting, which took place on the platform of “Memorable place”.

Andrei Konchalovsky, the Director:

– Any monument – it’s a serious job, you need to understand what its function is from the point of view of political, social situation and from the point of view of art. And the monument to the Soviet soldier carries additional complexity – this is a monument that replicated. That is, to do such a sculpture, which replicated easily and not lose some of their artistic qualities, not destroyed. Therefore, this serious work has not yet ended.

With participants personally do not know. I don’t care who does it. As Chairman, I am only interested in work. The decision should be made blindly, without regard to the age and titles. The winner is the one who will satisfy all the requirements that I listed in the beginning.

In the course of finalizing the final draft of the sculpture was given the traits of the famous movie stars of the Soviet era.

we had a wonderful artists who created images of the Soviet people, the Soviet soldier, from Bondarchuk, Ivashov, Kryuchkov. A lot of them. In Soviet cinema, so many stars, let them choose. We must remember not only those who died during the war, but also those who have immortalized their memory in the works. We must not forget the stories of those people who died defending our Homeland.