“the Internet is a public place, and a mate in a public place already has an administrative responsibility, – said Vladimir Zykov, Director of the Association of professional users of social networks and messengers. – Math online is related to article 20.1 of the administrative code “Petty huliganstvo”. It is punishable by an administrative fine ranging from five hundred to one thousand roubles or administrative arrest for up to fifteen days.”

According to experts, will completely get rid of swearing in the network impossible. “The Internet has a lot of live broadcasts and videos – says Zykov. – Find them all to be very difficult and very expensive. Even if you do, then the question of finding the author, his whereabouts, etc.”.

the Expert thinks that the Internet is a complete reflection of the street. Today on the street and even in public places people are actively using abusive words. “And so it is strange to take up the Internet until these issues are resolved offline,” he concludes.

you can Moderate all content and not to hurt “innocent” is a difficult task that continues Damir Faizullov, Director of digital & social media. Now users can report about violations in the content, if you think its offensive, etc. – such “orderlies social forest.” Sites like YouTube and Facebook, check the downloaded audio tracks all video and reject the placement if the background music is used illegally. “In the same way it would be possible to monitor and swearing,” – said the expert.

the press service of the social network “Classmates” told about their methods of struggle with profanity. “The social network, visit different people and their perception of certain words also differ. Someone profanity uncomfortable, so we have a setting which allows you to hide all the curse words behind the asterisks in posts and comments. In addition, we will remove comments and posts that are insulting specific users”.