Announced by US President trump’s withdrawal from the Treaty on open skies, condemned not only in Russia, but also European allies of Washington. But it is unlikely to force the White house to change course on the scrapping of the existing system of control over arms. The next predictable step of Washington – the failure of obligations not to conduct nuclear tests. So says the expert of the Russian Institute for strategic studies (RISS) Sergey Ermakov.

the Treaty on open skies, signed by 34 countries, except the United States. However, considers the expert, the US withdrawal from the agreement casts doubt on the importance of the open skies Treaty and makes dubious its prospects.

Sergey Ermakov said that the United States in 2018 began to evade the implementation of observation flights.

the Expert thinks that the following important international agreement that will be buried by trump, will be the Contract “On the comprehensive test ban Treaty” (CTBT). Though Washington signed it but still not ratified.

recently, the newspaper “Washington post” published information that the US is preparing to conduct a nuclear test.

“In these circumstances, the stability of international security is in question because of the actions of the United States. It became apparent desire of the President of the trump to increase the budget expenditures for military purposes”, – concluded the expert.

the Treaty on comprehensive ban of nuclear tests adopted by the 50th session of the UN General Assembly on 10 September 1996. Before this nuclear test was restricted by the Treaty banning nuclear weapon tests in the atmosphere, in outer space and under water of 1963. Agreement to ban tests in three areas was signed after the Soviet Union under Nikita Khrushchev blew up on the ground “Tsar-bomb”. The echoes of the explosion was felt in all regions of the world.

the Agreement of 1996 obliges the States parties not to carry out any test explosion of nuclear weapons. The agreement was signed by 183 States. Not only signed India, Pakistan, and North Korea. Ratified the Treaty of 164 state. Has not ratified the USA, China, Israel.