the Japanese foreign Ministry decided to recall the long-standing dispute with Russia on the part of the Kuril Islands. In the annual report of the Russian island of Kunashir, Shikotan, Iturup and Habomai named Japanese. Perhaps this is done in order to distract the attention of the Japanese from the coronavirus of the problems of a failed Olympics and billions of dollars lost in this regard, benefits. “MK” asked the expert, could this somehow affect the position of Russia in a territorial dispute.

a Report from Japan’s Ministry of foreign Affairs called “the Blue book diplomacy.” Except for the application of sovereignty over the Islands, foreign Ministry of Japan linked the resolution of the dispute by conclusion of a peace Treaty. While his between our countries.

by the Way, in the report of the Ministry of foreign Affairs for 2019 references on the issue of the Islands was not.

Commenting on the act of the Ministry of foreign Affairs, Chairman of Presidium of all-Russian organization “Officers of Russia”, the Hero of the Russian Federation the General-major Sergei Lipov said,

-Kuril Islands – the Russian territory, and language in Japanese reports does not affect this fact. Historically, Japan’s position in this dispute is quite shaky. Moreover, it undermines Japan itself. Now she hopes on US support in this matter. It looks funny from the side: “the Kuril Islands – Japanese territory, that the United States prove it!”.

it Seems that Japan, like the US, slightly fall out of reality and forgets that America does not rule the world, and certainly can not solve the territorial issues of Russia.

as for the Kuril Islands, the two opinions can not be here: they are the territory of the Russian Federation and will remain in its structure, whatever was not written and is not mentioned in the Japanese reports. Russia has never violated other people’s boundaries, but will not give up what belongs to it by right. And no rewording this fact will not be affected.

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