The expert commented on the reports about the activity of Kim Jong UN

MOSCOW, 26 APR – RIA Novosti. The message of the DPRK state radio on the activity of North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN, amid speculation about his illness and even death is an attempt by Pyongyang to respond to information “HYIP” in the world media on the topic, said the head of Department of Korea and Mongolia of Institute of Oriental studies, associate Professor of the Department of Oriental studies of MGIMO Alexander Vorontsov.

According to Yonhap news Agency, state radio, the DPRK on Sunday morning, reported about the activity of the country’s leader Kim Jong-UN, the news appeared on the background of rumors about his illness and even death. According to the Agency, the radio station announced that “comrade Kim Jong-UN thanked the workers and staff sincerely helped to create the city of samjan”. In what form was transferred to the gratitude, not specified.

In Friday’s article in the Japanese weekly “Shukan Gendai” it was reported that the doctor who operated on Kim Jong UN, was very nervous, his hands trembled, causing the operation lasted 8 minutes instead of one.

According to the expert, the basis of the information disseminated by numerous international media regarding the health of North Korean leader is not credible and is questionable.

After reports South Korean newspaper the Daily NK that Kim Jong UN is undergoing treatment after surgery, in the media and social networks began to spread rumors about the health threat of the leader. Daily NK and other media, such as the American channel CNN and the Japanese weekly “Shukan Gendai” in their information referring to anonymous sources. Also in the media with reference to the publication in social networks began to spread rumors about the alleged death of the leader of DPRK.