The expert commented on the massive buying of ammo before the pandemic

MOSCOW, 18 Jul – RIA Novosti. Pandemic COVID-19 inflicted a big blow on the market of civilian firearms, while the production in the framework of the GOZ will not radically change, Apocalypse waiting for a few, and after the end of the pandemic may increase the demand for unlicensed remedies well-known Russian expert in the field of small arms Maxim Popenker.

Earlier media has published various studies showing that in Russia during March and April significantly increased the sales of ammunition for civilian weapons. This study, in particular, at the end of March was published by the RBC.

He also predicted what the consequences can be from pandemic COVID-19 for civilian and military markets. “As for the military component of this industry, I doubt that there will be some radical changes. Yes, people became more difficult to work in these conditions also complicated the logistics in the enterprise, but the volume of orders did not disappear, and the plants continue to fulfill the state defense order,” – said the expert.

Civilian market, according to Popenker will certainly be affected. “Here we can cite the example of spring hunting, which is now prohibited or very severely limited. Hence the lack of demand for ammunition and equipment. Hunters in our country many hundreds of thousands of people, so pandemic in this sense – a very strong impact on the arms market”, – he explained.

According to the source, something compensated for by people who are always preparing for some Apocalypse and buying from the shelves everything I see, but it’s not very strong support for manufacturers of ammunition and equipment.

Speaking about the supply of civilian weapons for export, the spokesman recalled that once Russia the American market a few years closed.

a Sharp increase in demand for weapons and ammunition after the pandemic, Popenker does not predict for two reasons. “The first is the lack of supply. Now, due to the fact that sales fell sharply, manufacturers also makes no sense to work in those volumes in which they did prior to the deterioration of the epidemiological situation,” he said.

the Second reason, according to experts, is the solvency of the citizens. “After the crisis will be an obvious problem. In this situation, I think that would be a boom in the secondary market – people will sell what they bought before the pandemic. I also believe that will increase demand for unlicensed remedies: pepper sprays, stun guns and so on, because with the worsening economic situation is likely to increase the crime rate”, – concluded Popenker.

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