Moscow take into account the experience of other countries when developing measures to combat the spread of coronavirus infection. This was told Sergei Sobyanin in an interview with TV channel “Russia 24”.

first and foremost took into account the experience of China, where the epicenter of the spread of infection has become Wuhan. There were isolated from ill people, sent them to quarantine and monitored contacts. According to the Mayor of Moscow, the city also tried to isolate guests from China of people who might carry the disease.

“It has allowed the situation to stabilize, and, in fact, the threat from China from the point of view of infection simply did not. And China closed their borders, and we closed,” said Sergei Sobyanin.

According to him, in Europe, the centers of the spread of the coronavirus was more — Milan, Madrid, Berlin, Paris and other cities. Almost all over the world flew to Moscow people who might carry infection. the More than a million people over the last eighteen months he returned to Russia from abroad, of which there were only 120 thousand Muscovites. They tried to quarantine, but to do it quickly was difficult enough.

Also in the capital as in other cities, are going optionally place the sick in temporary hospitals who equip in shopping malls, sports facilities and other major capital facilities. Now deploy temporary hospitals per 10 thousand beds in the pavilions of the exhibition center, speed skating center “Krylatskoe” and automobile shopping centre “Moscow”.

“what is this? As the medical staff is still not enough to serve in each ward, one or two person, better to let them be large spaces with good ventilation, the air exchange, the doctor saw several patients to be treated more people. This is the case, if all the same we approach peak values and not enough of the existing system of hospitals, hospitals. I hope it will not be necessary, but such a possibility is still there, because we see that this week the number of occupied beds by 50 percent increased relative to last week”, — said Sergey Sobyanin.

For patients with COVID-19 can not deploy another 10 thousand beds in makeshift hospitals Moscow is the leader among big cities in number of tests for coronavirus 100 thousand people

Now for the treatment of patients with coronavirus infection in the capital has offices in 67 Federal, city and private hospitals total number of beds in them is 24.4 thousand. Also continuing preparations for the deployment of hospitals for the treatment of patients with coronavirus in several hospitals. N�� areas 13 urban hospitals is the construction of temporary prefabricated medical buildings. There will be recovered recovering patients who do not require oxygen support.

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