the Investigating authorities of the state of Rio de Janeiro as part of operation “Sellers chaos” yesterday arrested a former Minister of health of the state Edmar Santos. He is accused of misuse of funds allocated for the fight against COVID-19.

on the same day, investigators raided the suburban house of ex-Minister, where they found at least six million Brazilian reals in cash. For the transportation of this cash amount, equivalent to 1.1 million dollars, the police even had to call the armor collector car. However, in addition to the “pocket money” from the former Minister of discovered property and Bank accounts with a total value of 37 million reais – seven million dollars. The decision of the court on all of these assets have also been seized.

the Pandemic of a new type of coronavirus was a surprise for the Brazilian health system. Rio de Janeiro was no exception. On the contrary, Rio has become the second epicenter of the disease, after são Paulo. One of the first measures taken by the Federal government, was the resolution of regional authorities to make emergency purchases of medical equipment without the need for tendering. Only in one of Rio de Janeiro for these purposes, the state government has allocated one billion reais at the exchange rate of March of this year exceeded the amount of $ 200 million.

the Acute shortage of hospital staff experienced in ventilators. For the purchase of thousands of the ventilator, the state sent the fifth part of the emergency budget. The money went to the accounts of the three companies, whose activities are also being investigated in the framework of operation “the Sellers of chaos.” However, to put they could only 52 of the device, which turned out to be not suitable for the treatment of severe cases of coronavirus. Another 97 IVL arrived in Rio de Janeiro in late June, but because of the investigation of corruption schemes in the Ministry of health of the state, they remain in the cargo terminal of the international airport Galeao.

the Situation with the spread of the coronavirus in Brazil continues to be challenging. At the time, as some regions said the release on a plateau and gradually remove previously imposed restrictions in other local authorities are sounding the alarm. So, in the hospitals in the state of Mato Grosso in the West of Brazil has not left the intensive care. Serious patients are sent to the neighboring regions, the situation in which, too, is hardly controlled.

According to the Ministry of health of Brazil, on Friday, the country crossed the mark of 70 thousand deaths from a new type of coronavirus. The total number of cases exceeded the $ 1.8 million, of which over a million already recovered. For the last day here identified 45 thousand new cases of illaniya, 1214 people were killed.