Online habits, social distancing, anxiety — “Kommersant Style” tells what baggage we drag behind after isolation and how to adapt to a new reality.The Moscow government from June 9 cancels the self-isolation and access control, at the same time offering a variety of public spaces. After quarantine, a new time of postgarantie, which will also have to get used to. Now shake hands and hug when they meet you? Is it possible? How it will react? Psychologists predict the emergence of new communication habits. “I notice that the first people are very opposed to online communication, but now everyone is used to any format to Zoom. I can assume that many real-life contacts will now trigger the alarm because of the adaptation to the new rules. Will be more attentive to the usual previous rules, perhaps there will be some aggressive boundary condition. Besides, two weeks ago, many began asthenic depression mild with severe apathetic syndrome. My colleagues assume that the psyche could not cope with the amount of stress and anxiety. Came humility,” says Anastasia Butenko, clinical psychologist, supervisor and psychodramatist.Quarantine made us different, affecting the psyche and forming new habits. During the isolation of the people became anxious and aggressive. Started to go into smartphones, surfing the Internet, to make impulse purchases is a way to escape from reality and a consequence of the fact that we need the support and pleasant emotions. “There will be a fear of staying in public places because of the habit to isolation. To get rid of this will help desensitization — multiple repetition of the terrible operation, getting used to it as normal. It is important to check, what attitude do we go to making changes in themselves and loved ones. A new fear, condemnation, blame and shame create barriers. If you try to stand in the position of support and caring, to yourself and to the world as a friend, adaptation and adoption will be easier. Also answering the questions: why adapt if I can deny the changes, why should I care about myself and others why I don’t want to blame themselves and the world?” — advises Catherine Rudik, psychologist, specializiruetsya on youth work.A practicing psychologist, candidate of psychological Sciences and Gestalt therapist Anastasia Tomilova said that during the quarantine, many people have seen their real needs in communication. Someone got a kick out of isolation, realizing that no people can be nice and peaceful and you can now create for themselves a more adequate to the nature of the condition. This has particularly affected those who really cares about family and forget about themselves, they seemed to have received an official authorised��nie to do just themselves.Yearned for the society, as well as a different kind of service, people will rush back to normal life. But don’t rush it. First, the virus will not go away, and secondly, should continue to comply with all hygiene measures and to get out of the quarantine with care and not fully immersed in the life of a big city. Of course, what before seemed ordinary and simple, after the quarantine takes a lot of pleasant experiences — a walk in the Park, sports in the fresh air, leave the city. “Safe and taking care of yourself it is important to find a balance and prioritize. It is not necessary to do everything at once, accumulating fatigue and anxiety for us, a little feral, it will be hard. Without realizing it, these States will withdraw forces. Don’t try to lose weight quickly and to compensate for time success and personal exploits. Simply safely protect yourself from overloading the system and living the time of postgarantie,” recommends Anastasia Tomilova. By the way, beauty services people are waiting for the most. International market research Agency Kantar has analysed the social network during a pandemic, and found that in the first place, users have had the desire to freshen up immediately after isolation. In second place was restaurants and movies, and the third and fourth bars, meeting friends and concerts. Within the best beauty buys during the quarantine more or less remained steady for obvious reasons, only the segment of care, and steady growth among all the makeup and gave lipstick. Historically, lipstick is the easiest way to lighten the mood and to feel confident, not for nothing that red lipstick was a symbol of the suffragettes. In Moscow, for example, peak sales of lipsticks came in may.According to international experts, the second largest after the release of the quarantine in the beauty Arsenal is mascara, which is important in the coming perchta mask period. The founder of Urban Decay Wende Zomnir suggests that new “lipstick index” will be for eyeliners, mascara and eyebrow tools to create highlights on the eyes. As for the hair, now in Instagram develops the idea of one of the stylists in Florida attach the mask beautiful pins — she calls it “musk-Haq”.Daria Bogomolova