The establishment in the national territory of monuments is for any country internal affair, which shows the sympathy existing political forces. This is stated in the posted in the Facebook comments of the Russian Embassy in the Czech Republic regarding Prague dismantling of the monument to Marshal of the Soviet Union Ivan Konev and install a commemorative plaque to the Vlasov.

"the Erection of any monuments, of course, an internal affair of the state, whose citizens choose their heroes, – the statement stresses. – That on whose side the sympathy of some political forces in the Czech Republic, is illustrated by the demolition of the monument to the liberator of Prague, its honorary citizen Marshal Ivan Stepanovich Konev, and installation of a memorial plaque to the accomplices of war criminals (unit Vlasov was part of the SS – approx. Embassy) on the eve of the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Czechoslovakia from Nazism. This is a clear concession to those who seek to revise the results of world war II, ignoring the UN Charter and other international legal and moral imperatives".


Dismantling of the monument to Marshal

Monument is Konev, despite the public outcry and negative reaction of the Czech President, was removed from the pedestal 3 April the decision of the municipal authorities of the district Prague 6, on the administrative territory of which he was. Municipal authorities plan to transfer him to the Museum of the twentieth century, which must be created by the municipality of Prague. The decision to postpone was taken by the municipality on September 12 last year. Russia’s investigative Committee opened a criminal case on the fact of dismantling of the monument on the article "the Desecration of symbols of Russia’s military glory, committed publicly".

As said on Thursday the head of Russian foreign Ministry Sergei Lavrov, Russia expects a response from the Czech Republic to begin a dialogue about the gross violation of the obligations under the joint agreement on basic principles of friendly relations from 1993 with the dismantling of the monument to Soviet Marshal Ivan Konev. According to him, the Czech Republic, according to the agreement, is obliged "to firmly preserve and provide access to the monuments, including the monument to Marshal Konev".

Memorial plaque to fallen Vlasov, who alleged a few days before coming to Prague may 9, 1945 the red army decisively helped the rebels to the people of Prague to see the city from the Nazis, was opened on 30 April in Prague-Reporyje. Was initiated by the municipality of the capital of the Czech Republic. The protests of the Czech politicians and the public were not taken into account.

As stated by the President of the Republic Milos Zeman on 12 January, speaking on network television newspaper "Shine", "a monument to Vlasov is not needed in the Czech Republic". He also reminded about their participation in the destruction of the Jewish population of the occupied countries of Europe.

The official representative of the The Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova at the end of November 2019 announced a sharp condemnation of Russia plans of the Prague municipal authorities to erect a monument to Vlasov. It called on the Czech leadership to prevent the crime of rewriting history, saying that Andrei Vlasov and members of the so-called Russian liberation army (Vlasov), which he directed, were regarded by the Nuremberg Tribunal as participation in war crimes and crimes against humanity that have no Statute of limitations.