The business network Voka estimated last week that the coronacrisis, Belgium, now a 40-billion-euro cost. Hotel and catering in Flanders, fears and a turnover of 1.7 billion euros. I think it is a deficit that is in the direction of 33 billion is, by all measures, that the governments of the world have been taken. “Nonsense,” calls professor of Economics, Stijn Baert (Ghent university), all of the calculations. “It’s just making random guess, and meaningless.”

at Voka-chairman Wouter De Geest, repeated yesterday, the concern of the Flemish firms. “How long the crisis will take? And the weight of the final bill will be? Who can say that. But that’s fixed, this is now fixed. The economic loss runs can now be up to 40 billion euros, which is over three times as many as when the financial crisis of 2008 and 2009. We need to be careful that we’re not clear-cutting, for the whole of our economy is currently in the intensive care unit.”

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Arbeidseconoom Stijn Baert, shares that concern, ” he said. However, it does not make sense to have numbers on it. “The 40 billion? Anything else? Or a little less. Who’s left to try? It doesn’t make any sense. You don’t know what the damage is, the companies, and does not know how much of all of the measures taken by the governments at the federal and the Flemish – and the treasure chest will cost you. The buffers used for the delayed payment of the taxes, and the guarantee for the € 50 billion of new business loans to to that, but as an example, are not to be calculated. Those who will be using it and who isn’t? The glass globe has no one.”

the Same thing with the time in unemployment, say Why. The Minister of the Economy, There Muyle (CD&V), had earlier in the week, knowing that it is already more than one million records have been submitted. “However, there is no telling how long that temporary unemployment and ultimately, it will take a while, and no matter how heavy the invoice, so it will be. Only at the end of the month, the employees at the uitbetalingsinstelling knocking on your door to get the exact number of days that they are technically unemployed. Until now, no one has a view of the number of days it will be as well.”

Huge hole

Because the employers could just as well have been a request for a temporary unemployment has been filed based on the idea that they are soon to be in their company and will have to close down,” says Baert. “If they come with at least a portion of the production will have to be suspended, so that workers have over a number of days in a month, unemployment will increase. That is the final computation if you have not, create it.”

“But whether it’s five billion or fifty billion or a hundred billion, but the fact is that it’s a huge hole, it will save on the budget and on the economy of the country. The government only has a view of the here-and-now. What, in a couple of hours, and even that it is impossible to know. Let it stand for what it is, within a couple of weeks or months. Just joe Bardi, that can predict, or, and Madame Soleil. That both have their merits, but not when it comes to the harsh economic and financial realities involved.”

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it Is at all necessary, in order to calculate how much of this pandemic is going to cost? “Health is first and foremost and politics, and understands all too well that they will not be popular with the alarming news about the cost, as there are more and more every day, people die from the corona virus,” says Baert. But still, it’s not onnuttig, according to the Ghent professor.

“Also, in ten years ‘ time there will still be people who fall ill or those who are our care need to have. The financial situation of our country is already far from rosy, it is simply do not have the ability to help in the aftermath of the first time, to let it blow over and for us to then pass on the financial impact of the long-term future. It’s not because you don’t know how big the hole is in the final, it will go down, and that you have not thought about how that hole again to be able to do the contract.”

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