This year, at Easter, everything is different: The visit to grandma and grandpa falls flat, searching for eggs, children are allowed to go a maximum of for your own garden, and without the help of the neighboring children.

But the Easter Bunny is allowed to work in the crisis anyway, and to move from house to house, while all the others stay inside and strict rules to follow?

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the Easter Bunny is “relevant to the system”

For new Zealand has given the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern now at a press conference for a lot of children to make it clear: Yes, the Easter Bunny may hide, in spite of the current situation, this year, baskets with lots of Goodies. Finally, his work was much too important, as you could be.

children in new Zealand should note that the Easter Bunny make this year very concerned about his own Bunny, and can’t make it, therefore, may every family, so Ardern more.

The Prime Minister has but one idea: Maybe all the children could paint an Easter egg or make it to the front of your window stick. So no one has to abandon the traditional egg hunt and the Easter Bunny would be removed, a piece of work, for which he would certainly be very grateful. Sars-CoV-2 in a simple language: This Video explains to children the Coronavirus FOCUS Online Sars-CoV-2 in a simple language: This Video explains to children the Coronavirus

Also, the tooth fairy is allowed to added

In the Rest of the work, the work of the tooth fairy was not at risk, Ardern. Children can hide more diligently your fancy milk teeth under your pillow, and to the Surprise of the tooth fairy the next Morning to look forward to.

Also the second-largest British channel island of Guernsey is not informed that the Easter Bunny and the tooth fairy have to go to the Home Office. The President of the health care system of Guernsey, Nicola Brink, said: “Some fear that there will be no Easter egg hunt, and that the tooth fairy can collect no fancy milk teeth. I am very happy to inform you that the Easter Bunny and the tooth fairy as a system relevant to the labour force were classified.“

For the Easter Bunny this means that Despite the current travel restrictions, he gets a special permit for the arrival in Guernsey on Sunday. FOCUS Online provides you with the most exciting Reports from the parents. Here you can subscribe to the Newsletter.

In Germany must breathe a sigh of relief, the Easter Bunny are not able to only keep to a few rules

However, only the children in new Zealand. Also in Germany, the Easter Bunny may be on the way, he only has to obey like all the others – a couple of rules.

Accordingly, the police writes about Bochum on Twitter: “If your children Worry about is whether the Easter Bunny can hide this year, despite the #stayathome eggs, you can reassure you: as Long as the Easter Bunny, alone or with max. a helper is on the way, there is nothing against – as long as he will maintain enough distance.“

And also in Munich, he is allowed to bump according to the police merrily – as long as he washes well-behaved paws.

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