Visually, it was Corinne (62), which in the case of “Bauer sucht Frau” (RTL) wore the rose-colored glasses. Emotionally, however, was blinded Bauer, Jürgen (64). The Thuringian fell in love neck over head in the in Belgium living candidate: “I’m practically in love new! She is an attractive woman, very fast, and can even cook well!” And – how beautiful – the love was kindled on the “against side”: “It has hit me really bad. I think in the morning when I Wake up to Jürgen and in the evening, when I go to bed.”

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But In the times In between games is not Juergen, but Corinne’s eight (!) Dogs are the main role in your life. And in your heart: “My dogs mean a lot to me. The have always helped me very much! I could not imagine a life without dogs.” The dogs but, a life with at least a couple of less expected of the farmer.

At the end was checked Corinne’s “animal” love to the insurmountable obstacle for the human, as in the case of the Easter Monday broadcast of “farmer seeks wife” showed that, like the peasant relationships developed. Although Jürgen effort, and even a pug bathed, he gave up and pulled the ripcord instead of dog leash: “she’s a great woman, but that was too much for me. This would not have gone with the dogs here. Because I saw no future. It is better that way.” So Corinne’s scurrying about true Love around you and Bauer, Jürgen howling at a lonely moon.

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