the Evidence of correspondence skirmish, in which the head of the White house once again joined with Director of the National Institute of allergic and infectious diseases of the United States Anthony Fauci. The main infectious diseases of the country, speaking at hearings on the coronavirus, tried to explain the growth of infections in America. In his opinion, the lifting of restrictions in may-June, the authorities of some States are not fully adhered to the recommendations of the Federal government. But in other States, the Americans ignored the demands of the authorities gathered in droves, not wearing a mask. But after that Fauci and hinted at the insufficiency of the measures taken by the administration. He said that the lockdown was suspended only about 50 percent of the economic activity in the United States, while in Europe, managed more effectively to take the coronavirus under control, this figure reached to 95 percent.

trump prick in your address is not tolerated. Responding to statements Fauci, “Twitter”, head of the White house categorically wrote: “It is not so! We have more identified cases because we spent a lot more tests than other countries, 60 million. Test we less, it would be a lot less cases, he believes. – How did Italy, France and Spain? Unfortunately, Europe is now all flash. Most of our governments work hard and good. We will emerge from this stronger than before”.

the Local press did not fail to accuse the President of distorting the data. First, the outbreak in Europe in their scope, do not go to any comparison with the situation in the United States. Second, the number of cases in America in June-July has increased much faster than the amount of testing.

Fighting for political survival trump, whose priority initially was to minimize the impact of the pandemic on the economy, not for the first time clashed with the main infectious disease. The President, trying to instill optimism of Americans, called Fauci “a bit alarmist”, and last week the head of the White house even got jealous, asked at a briefing why the opinion polls approval rating actions in light of a pandemic, Fauci have much higher than trump (62 percent versus 36). “Because it works on my administration” – could not understand the trump, with a disturbed view by concluding: “I guess it’s my personality.”

the President trying to save his electoral rating, I understand that to deny the failure of America in the fight against the pandemic, as it did at first trump, now meaningless, voters don’t believe it. As a result, even the President himself was wearing a medical mask over the earlier ridiculed. And then, despite the love for large-scale election campaigns, has canceled part of the national Republican Convention in Florida, where he is nominated for the presidency. The remaining events PRogut on August 21-24 in North Carolina, and because of the pandemic there first would not let journalists.

So the White house is increasingly the focus is on the search for the extreme – from China to their own governors and doctors. Several advisers to the President, and he himself in recent weeks, I am forwarding the hints that Fauci had underestimated the situation at the beginning of the pandemic, which led to such consequences. Recently trump “retweeted” the message, in which infectious diseases were accused of “introducing the American public astray.” Came even before “tweets”, which are interpreted as plans to lay off Fauci, but due to the popularity of the last trump is not yet solved.

Although Fauci in this dispute is trying to join, limiting their statements to medical issues, his statements sometimes contradict the assessments of the White house. The infectious diseases specialist and President continue to argue about the cure for coronavirus. Fauci, as the Management on sanitary inspection behind quality of foodstuff and medicines of the USA, said that a cure for malaria, which at first was considered as promising for the treatment of a coronavirus, have been ineffective. But trump is still contrary to his doctors, comfort to use this medicine.

meanwhile, America will of their rulers, but rather a lack of will to put aside political squabbles, unite and strategize against infection, may inadvertently turn into a testing ground to test the theory of herd immunity. In terms of per capita in the United States the highest number of cases among developed and developing countries.