the Film “Slave” on the modern major, the son of wealthy parents who suddenly appeared in the manor estate in 1860 and became a serf, became the highest grossing Russian film, collecting over 3 billion rubles. Soon someone will be able to break this record, given the situation of the pandemic. In the meager cultural life of the time of quarantine, the Director of “the Slave” Klim Shipenko with producer Teymur Jafarov unexpectedly released a 12-minute short film “Superman”. Shared with “MK” impressions.

Ten years ago, they worked together on the film “Who am I?” and now made a film in a vertical format, so it can be viewed on the screen of the mobile phone. But there are more familiar horizontal version. Hero was the devil in the flesh. The flesh belongs to Fyodor Bondarchuk, which, according to the scenario Klim shypenko delivers a monologue, written by Bernard Shaw almost a century ago. It is the nature of evil, that man is the inventor of the guillotine, the electric chair, poisons, incompetent den in civilian life. If there is a devil, in the role of don Giovanni, we offer Alexander Petrov. Who else? He is the most popular actor of Russian cinema, moreover, played a major role in another picture Klim shypenko “Text” on the eponymous book by Dmitry Glukhovsky. At the beginning of the year, “the Text” received four awards “Golden eagle”, including as the best film of 2019.

And two years ago the picture shypenko about space “Salyut 7” is also awarded the “Golden eagle” as the best film that shocked: at stake was also “Arrhythmia” Khlebnikov, “Dislike” Zvyagintsev, “Large” Todorovsky and “first Time” Kiselyov. But the climate was not taken aback and then said “MK”, got an award deserved, but the project was difficult and pioneering, work on it continued for more than three years. We talked to the Klim shypenko about the success of his paintings, and that waiting for our movie on.

How do you spend time in quarantine?

– I read a lot, watching something. What else can you do? So all the time.

Some of your colleagues work and even make movies.

– Reading – is also part of my job. You mean screen life? I don’t do it. Engaged in the development of future projects, which I hope will be started after the quarantine.

– Believe in life after? Suddenly will go down in history as the most successful Director of the era “before”?

– Zocoronline era? I’m doing more and producing activities.

– New stage?

– Not that a new phase of rather normal and natural progression. I can remove it, but just did not do physically. Producing close to directing the class, where everyone is trying to control.

– “Slave” has brought not only the audience’s mustacheinfantry, but accusations of populism. Were you accused of that you decided to teach the rich boy, to whom no sympathy. It was hard to take criticism?

– simple Enough. I honestly, no accusations are not felt because it does not read any positive or negative criticism, with rare exceptions – when I have to do it for some reason. I, like my producers, the whole group was delighted with the success of “Slave”. Viewers love everything else greatly outweighed. In the debate I did not enter. People have the right to say whatever you want. I did what I did, and then let them Express their opinions, let it be some kind of reaction. Making a movie, I let him go from himself. Then it belongs to the audience. They discuss, criticize, praise.

You be reasonable or do you have strong nerves and a thick skin? Creative people have a heightened perception, and they have difficulty accepting any “but”.

– I do Not know the reasonableness or whether it is a thick skin. So when a big box office success, this suggests that the viewer of the film is more liked than not liked. And for those who something did not like, remained in the minority. I listen to them? This is probably a reasonable approach. You could say that.

“Text” and “Slave” was created almost in parallel? How did you cope with two big projects?

I kept her one night and in the morning another. Just between them there was a break. Finished the installation of one, went to post-production, and I began preparing for another. Anything inhuman in this. People work harder in other professions – like doctors. I think it is harder for them than it was for me to shoot two films.

the Circumstances in which we find ourselves, set our priorities? Doctors and researchers must have the appropriate status, they need to be considered, first and foremost, and not to some third-rate soap operas artists.

I can only judge by yourself. I have always had great respect for the doctors who do the most valuable thing, saving lives in peacetime and during epidemics. Disregard for other professions, for doctors, for example, was never as praise, third-rate artists, as you said. For me the value something like this were set up as of now. When we survive this strange event, something probably will change. Some stories become less relevant. Probably in life we look different, from the point of view of its value. I have no answer. The entertainment industry will still be required. The only question is, what will it be, what stories will appeal. This is interesting.

Movie big budgets can disappear?

– Probably not disappear, just it will be less. This is due to the fact that dealt a powerful blow to key��teatralnom rental. I doubt that in a month the audience will launch in halls for 200-300 seats to sit side by side. Hence, not all the cinemas will be open, some will go bankrupt. Movies that will come out, respectively, and collect less. Means and pictures with a large budget will be less because it is a risky enterprise. I don’t think they will disappear altogether. Will still be demand for a movie. It is clear that big-budget project harder to start than low-budget. No virus was, and now it will become even more difficult.

the Success of two of your paintings anything about it? Feel myself to another relationship?

– the Turning point happened not after “Text” and “Slave”, and after “Salyut 7”. Now I didn’t felt like then. Now everything seems once again convinced that I can do something.

making movies large format?

– Yes, a great movie that will be commercially successful and award-winning, and recognized by critics. After the “Salyut 7” the producers thought he successfully made a film with a large budget, then you can trust him, and even a small picture will do. On the “Salyut 7” the budget was 400 million. The “Slave” and “Text” the budget is much smaller.

– once Nikita Mikhalkov said that eating a great movie, it’s hard to go back to the chamber paintings. And for some reason you decided to make a short film.

For me the question is not so. “Text” on the budget – you can say low-budget picture, and I was not embarrassed. Rather, the question was compliance with budget and history. There all matched what I wanted to tell. Money in the movies never happens. They are always lacking on low-budget, and on large projects.

– But in the Elevator to remove not very interesting?

Why not? The point is not that the Elevator is all happening or not. It is a question of the merits of your story, what to shoot? When you enter into certain material, you have no such thing as a bad location, even if it is simple and cheap.

“Nobody will bring bags of money, do not say: “Take what you want”

In the work you accommodating or stubborn?

– Stubborn, of course. All depends on the situation: someone need to be stubborn with someone it is important to create the illusion of tractability. Different people speak in different ways, each trying to find a approach to understand what works. This is the psychology of communication, people management, applicable to each separately. There is nothing that I’m with all the same.

are you free in artistic choices?

– On the “Slave” and “Text” were the same producers who trusted my artistic taste. I’m not saying this to show that I’m in charge. Indeed, it was not like I was forced to carve something, insert, change. In the “Text” did not have any intervention. On the “Slave” from the producers received some suggestions that seemed to me reasonable and appropriate. I introduced and they made the movie a little better. If you work with people who took you are not from hopelessness, but because they trust and want you to do this, why should they get something to impose? They could invite someone else.

– it is likely that someday you will want to do what will interest the producers. We see such examples when serious Directors are unable to realize their ideas.

the Cinema is an expensive art form and the Director or producers have to look for money for their projects. How to copyright and on a commercial movie to find them hard. To the coronavirus money nobody rushed it, and now even more so. If the Director is in the segment of independent film, you need to collect a non-refundable money for the funds. In commercial cinema there’s a chance that you’ll pay back. For each project it is necessary to find the funds. No one will bring bags of money, do not say: “Take what you want”.

Feel soul that Yesenin, the Russian poet.

the star of “the Slave” Milos Bikovich conducts quarantine in the convent, where is his brother, and who knows when we’ll come. As you started to work? Have chosen or the producers suggested?

– He was the first who came to me, and the producers have supported me. I wanted to ask from the beginning.

What’s special about it? He is better than our actors?

– a combination of factors that have Russian actors, just not so much. Milos is a young man, smart, charming, beautiful, talented. You do not call and dozens of actors possessing all these qualities, which enabled him to play the main character, which was interesting to watch. Who else has such charisma? Maybe there are 2-3 people at the most. But specifically for the film “Serf” is more suited exactly miloš Bykowicz in the power of his charisma. Such few actors. I always say and sincerely believe that Milos is a Serbian gift to the Russian cinema.

don’t be surprised, but you and he are somewhat similar. Adequacy assessment of its capabilities, simplicity and naturalness, the absence of a show-off.

– Yes, I do feel with him similarity. We along with a lot of fun and outside the set, ride snowboards in the mountains. I close his ease, similarity in attitudes and tastes.

What would you like to do when the pandemic?

– I would like to make a film about the last days of life Esenina. We wrote the script together with my FR shypenko. Believe that everything will work out this winter. I’m getting ready for work. I don’t know xwell this describes me or not but I have read the thickest of my life book. It is over a thousand pages and it is written by a male Prilepin about Yesenin.

– So you have an original script or an adaptation?

– Original script. I’m just preparing, I read about Esenin, I think, as much as I did. Start from reality and then take it to an art space. I don’t want to do a biographical movie. When not running around, not giving instructions, and reflect on the material, it is also an important process. Before someone say, you have to think twice. Now many Directors and screenwriters just appeared time to think about what to say next. I’ve been trying to make a film about Yesenin, and maybe even good that we never did it. Thanks to quarantine I delved into the material, and this will allow you to approach it more intelligently.

Is associated with a youthful fascination with the poetry of Yesenin?

– With poetry too, but mostly with its tragic figure, and a mysterious death and some sense of kinship. Personal claim not only on the spiritual. Feel soul that Yesenin, the Russian poet. His nature poems are understandable to different people.

– Hard to find an actor for the role of Esenin? Why not invite miloš Bykowicz?

the Question is still open. I have no such artist and unique solution. Required sample. You need to watch, but unfortunately, you can not do that. The most important thing now, that everyone was alive and well and instead of panicking, would be engaged in preparing for life after coronavirus.