the Russian public and statesman, Director of the Federal state budget institution of culture “the Central Museum of the great Patriotic war of 1941-1945, Alexander Y. Shkolnik

What amendment to the Constitution that You feel are most important?

First and foremost I want to note that the current amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation demonstrate the presence of feedback between society and government. It is very important that this connection is established, the voice of the ordinary citizen heard. In fact, all of us – the authors of these amendments. Together we are forging a new image of the state, the head of which are the interests of a particular person.

In this regard, of course, the most important amendments, in my opinion, are those which clearly indicated that the Russian Federation ensures the protection of its sovereignty and territorial integrity, protection of historical truth, supports and protects the multi-ethnic culture, protect the cultural identity of all peoples and ethnic communities of the Russian Federation. Moreover, many innovations looking to the future, they focus on the continuity of generations and continuity of values.

Often on duty with the representatives of various public associations, with our veterans ‘ organizations. Veterans believe is a vital inclusion in the Constitution of the Russian article on the protection of historical truth. Working on a new exposition in the Museum of Victory “feat of the people”, we raised a huge amount of material, archival documents related to the history of the great Patriotic war. A lot of amazing stories about the people of the war generation continues to come to us in the historical Depository “faces of Victory”. The truth about the war, the memory of the heroism of the people should be preserved and passed on from generation to generation, therefore, this amendment on the protection of historic truth is necessary and why, I’m sure many people sincerely support the popular vote.

the New amendments to the Constitution fixed the minimum wage not less than the subsistence minimum and the indexation of pensions, social protection of all segments of the population, including people with disabilities, and other social guarantees. The state takes responsibility for the population, which is the norm. But what is the impact now, do you think?

All the amendments concerning the social responsibility of the state, testify that our country has reached a new level of economic development, which can guarantee people and new quality of life. Generally enshrined in the Constitution of Russia “the status quo” the state social policy, will allow, as already noted, to ensure the confidence of our citizens in the headtracnem the bottom.

We understand that the protection of children and the elderly is one of the main indicators of the state of society. In article 67.1 according to the new amendments, States that “children are the most important priority of state policy”. And article 75 establishes the support of the pension system with annual indexation of pensions.

That is, regardless of economic conditions, people receiving a pension, including our veterans, safely protected by the Basic law.

Separately, I note that the amendments related to respect of labor of the citizens. We remember how in the 90 years downplay the dignity of the working man, as many people were thrown to the free market forces, and were denied the opportunity to work in the profession, lack of support and safeguards for their work. Now the President of Russia one of the main tasks facing the government, called the fight against poverty and improving the welfare of citizens. The strengthening of social rights is another necessary step on the way to the creation of an economically strong and prosperous state. It will be an incentive for us to work, to move forward, to build a relationship of trust with the power to determine the contours of the future.

How do you feel about the fact that children are proclaimed the property of the state and their full development is a priority?

has Already begun to answer this question, I will add the example of the Museum of Victories, which many of our colleagues is not called the centre of Patriotic education of the younger generation. Most of the projects oriented on children, shaping in the children’s minds the right values and life principles. We tried to speak with the guys in their language. So they often employ new technologies, interactive programs to unobtrusively interested in their own history to tell about the heroism of their ancestors emotionally and vividly. It is necessary to be aware that today’s youth lives in a different rhythm, children differently perceive the information are well oriented in the virtual space. But sometimes I do not cope with the flow of information, overloaded. The guys need to tell, to explain, to give examples and patterns of behavior in a given situation. A state that puts the protection of motherhood and childhood in the priority lays a solid Foundation for future generations. After all, our children need to develop the country, to provide new scientific and technological breakthroughs. Therefore, I support all the measures of our leadership to supporting children, family values. I think that this will pay off handsomely.

How do you assess the possibility of electronic voting? Do you find it the easy way?

the Quarantine measures and isolation, which�� we are experiencing, and which gradually go out, have shown that online formats very successfully implemented in various spheres of our activities. This is due to the continuation of business activity, and with the possibility of learning and acquiring new skills, demand for cultural communication. Online excursions, competitions, quizzes, live concerts and performances, too, are very popular among our citizens.

So, I think that the possibility of electronic voting, especially now, when in some regions is still alert, when we all know how important it is to comply with security measures is a good way to show their civil activity and to co-sponsor amendments to the Constitution online.

But, if the situation with the spread of the virus will remain under control and to improve, I think that the citizens will enthusiastically go to the polls to vote for new amendments, realizing that now really is in their power to take care of themselves, their parents, their children, their country.