The Deputy called the condition of the lifting of restrictions due to the COVID 19

Exit isolation will be gradual, the first to work again will have to start nationals are not included in the risk group, but all the restrictions will be lifted only when the vast majority of people will have immunity to the new coronavirus infection, said the Chairman of the Duma Committee on health protection Leonid Ogul.

"I think, that all restrictions will be lifted and the world will live the same life only when the vast majority of people will be immune to this scourge – the new coronavirus. It will happen and then, when we have a real effective vaccine against this disease. Sometime after all the children died from rubella and typhus, but mass vaccination has helped mankind to repay all the lesions of these diseases," said Ogul RIA Novosti.


He explained that the entire population of years to be in isolation is impossible, because "someone this spring, should sow bread, someone has to produce and sell food and goods of Prime necessity, planning to treat people, to cut, transport and so on".

"If you follow strict safety precautions and practices for personal disinfection, sanitation jobs, and public spaces, after passing the peak diseases citizens that are not in the risk groups will gradually be able to return to their jobs. And they will, in particular, to help improve the lives of those who are still at risk," said Ogul.

According to him, when it will soften the isolation at the present time nobody knows, but it should happen gradually, with the elaboration of effective measures.

"Scientists have already learned quite a lot about the virus. How is it transmitted, how long it lives, what groups of the population from the most vulnerable and afraid of what he how he can be destroyed. On the basis of this information, the experts of Rospotrebnadzor has developed recommendations to protect, following which we will gradually be able to soften the requirements for isolation" – said the MP.

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