The Minister of defence of the United Kingdom Ben Wallace stressed the importance of reconsidering the foreign policy of great Britain, as well as policy in the fields of defense, security and development because of fears of threats in space by Russia and China.

The head of the British space program Vice-Marshal Harvey Smith this week after the space command of the United States has accused Russia of carrying out the July tests in space of anti-satellite weapons. Space command, the U.S. said it has evidence that Russia held a "non-destructive testing anti-satellite space weapons". According to American data, July 15, from satellite "Space-2543" separated another object. As stated by the us military, the launch of "object" was held next to another Russian satellite.

"this week we have been reminded about the threat posed by Russia to our national security, a provocative test is similar to the weapon the projectile from the satellite that threatens peaceful use of space … But Russia is not alone. China also is developing offensive space weapons, and both countries are increasing their capacity" – Wallace wrote in a letter to the Telegraph newspaper.

"This behavior only emphasizes the importance of revision, which now holds the state of our policy in the field of foreign policy, security, defence and development", – said the Minister of defence of the United Kingdom.

He noted that following the revision of the UK Ministry of defence will be able to better respond to threats, and activity of the Agency in the field of space, cyber-security and under water will increase.

The fifteenth of July, the Ministry of defense of Russia really said about the testing of the latest small satellite inspector, with which close-range surveyed other domestic apparatus. The situation in 2017, the U.S. military remembered in connection with the launch in June of the same year the Russian satellite platform "Space-2519", which in August separated the small space vehicle. In the catalog of the U.S. air force second satellite received the name "Space-2521".

The Russian foreign Ministry said that tests of the Russian spacecraft, conducted by the Ministry of defense in mid-July, did not create threat to other space objects and did not violate international law. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the approval of the United States, said that Russia is committed to the complete demilitarization of space and the deployment in space of any weapons.