When does the “Megxit”?

the 31. March 2020 end for Prince Harry and his past life as an official member of the Royal Family. From 1. April is completed, the “Megxit” in order. The most obvious Change: Harry and Meghan continue to use the title “Royal Highness”, and perform any official duties for the Royal house.

What are the reasons for the “Megxit”?

In January, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan announced, from their Royal duties in part and to withdraw, and “to want to be financially independent” to be. Later, Harry and Meghan agreed with the Royal house, then a clear break.

another important reason for the decision is likely to be of enormous media pressure, since the accused is known on the relationship of the couple. Duchess Meghan is a popular victim of the British tabloid press. The former “Suits”actress is so designed pretty much everything she does is negative. In the UK, the US American people the Image of a greedy, wasteful wife to get everything she wanted-and at the same time to drive a wedge between the brothers Harry and William.

Prince Harry knows very well to lead where great public pressure His mother Princess Diana died in 1997 due to a car accident as a result of a Paparazzi chase. Harry was 12 years old. This fate he wants to save his nine-months-old son Archie at ease.

Where life Harry and Meghan, according to the “Megxit”?

so Far, planned for, and Harry and Meghan, to live with her young son Archie, especially in Canada. Your retreat takes place under the best of bad circumstances: the Corona pandemic, the abuse scandal surrounding Prince Andrew and the consequences of the Brexits – the United Kingdom has seen considerably better times.

Supposedly, Harry and Meghan are supposed to be now, moved from Canada in Meghans place of birth Los Angeles. For the rumors, there was the weekend no official confirmation. “No comment,” said a spokeswoman of Buckingham Palace, the German press Agency.

British media that wanted to avoid the Couple with the move to in the USA as well as in Canada, pay taxes. “This move was planned for some time,” – quoted by the tabloid “the Sun,” a non-closer-called Royal experts and speaks of a “Megxit 2”. In the light of the Corona pandemic and the threat of border closures would have implemented Harry and the former American actress their Plan already, they say. You have found according to the “Sun” of a new home in the heart of Hollywood. A US magazine had reported, without a clear source, from the move.

The UK’s Royal reporter, Rebecca English of the Daily Mail, according to the Pair, also because of the Coronavirus pandemic, in a completed residential development withdrawn. US President, Donald Trump sent via Twitter at least a message to the young family: “Now you have to leave Canada in the direction of the USA, but the USA will not pay for your security protection. You have to pay!“

How Harry and Meghan deserve according to the “Megxit” your money?

the security arrangements could be for Harry and Meghan really expensive. Added to this is the luxury standard: a Chic wardrobe, and regular air flights to United Kingdom, is a beautiful residence that probably costs millions. The two will need in the future, a lot of money to be able to everything out of their own pocket to pay.

A Plan works but not quite: The brand “Sussex Royal” used by the Couple since their wedding, not allowed to use it according to the “Megxit” more – so graciously, the Queen is not. This ban is likely to have mixed Harry and Meghan a particularly fierce blow, because the famous brand would have guaranteed income.

it is Speculated that it could drift back to Meghan in the film industry. After all, they played for years, a role as a paralegal in the US-American series “Suits” and it’s supposed to have in order to become a multi-millionaire brought. At least she is now dubbing artist in the Disney documentary, “Elephant”, the next Friday (3. April) will be released on the Streaming channel of Disney+. But the Job is only for a good purpose. Your fee goes to an organization for the protection of elephants.

a rumor goes around: they supposedly want to earn with talks of money. Meghan is considered to be well connected in North America – in the film industry and political circles. Harry also has good international relations. This could help you in some way.

“are you as busy as you always were,” he was quoted by the news Agency PA a non-closer-called source from the environment of the two. You should already have the basis for a worldwide organization that is profit oriented and in North America, has its seat. For Details, there is not yet.

you Could make the “Megxit” undo?

For the case that Harry and Meghan come to the realization that life as a “Royal Highness” is not so bad, is open to you, the Queen, a crack in the door. In a year you want to check, whether everything runs in an orderly manner. An Exit from the “Megxit” would therefore theoretically be possible.

In Meghan and Harry are in the USA, even for safety-pay PCP Meghan and Harry to dpa in the USA, even for security

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