Noting that the situation in the country and in most regions, and within the Armed Forces is stable, and in many places stabiliziruemost after passing the peak of disease, the head of state announced about the decision. “I order you to begin preparations for a military Parade in honor of the 75th anniversary of Victory in the great Patriotic war in the capital of Russia, Moscow and other cities. We’ll do it June 24 – the day when in 1945 took place the legendary, the historical Parade of winners when on red square were the soldiers who fought at Moscow and defended Leningrad, fought at Stalingrad, liberated Europe, who took Berlin by storm,” – said Putin.

the Supreme commander instructed to ensure the most stringent safety requirements for the preparation and conduct of the Parade. “Risks for all participants should be kept to a minimum, and the best – possible,” he said.

“unfortunately, such strict security regimes we have, for objective reasons, are unable to provide at the March “Immortal regiment”, which combines in one system the millions of our citizens, when the streets of our cities is an endless stream of people. Here, of course, no distance to observe it is impossible to determine,” continued Putin has proposed to hold a March “Immortal regiment” also after the parade, but another, a month later, on July 26. “This is another day our military glory – Day of the Navy of Russia”, – he said. On the same day will be a traditional naval parade on the main bases of the Navy.

the Head of state noted that the government will assess the possible risks in the coming months. “And, of course, if in the opinion of specialists, it will be impossible to ensure the safety fully, then decide about a possible postponement of the March of “Immortal regiment” on the other, more recent terms,” he added. “But we hope that all our plans we will be able to do in the time that I said now,” – said Putin.

In this guide are only responsible approach. “I repeat: life, health, safety of people – for us, absolute primary value,” the President said.

Sergey Shoigu reported that the peak incidence COVID-19 in the army reversed in the second half of April and the beginning of June the situation “will be as planned”. “Since the beginning of March in the Armed forces were infected with 5.5 thousand people. To date, cured and discharged 3.5 thousand,” – said the Minister.

reduce the combat capability in the face of new challenges did not happen, said the head of the military Department. The nuclear triad is maintained at a level which is guaranteed to provide strategic deterrence. The ships are deployed in operationally important areas of the World ocean: in the sea 57 warships and support vessels including 30 – in the far sea zone. Troops in Syria continues to carry out peacekeeping and humanitarian tasks.

Shoigu also reported that there will be exercises “Caucasus-2020”, and in August will be held the forum “Army” and Army games. The Agency initiated the preparation of “Sochi meeting” at UIC, which is usually carried out by the President. “I hope in the near future will be able to spend,” he added. The plan of training the winter training period performed virtually in full, said the Minister. June – August transferred a small part of events that concerns a joint exercise with their foreign colleagues.

Experts of the 48th Central research Institute of NBC protection troops of the Ministry of defense until the end of July to complete clinical studies of a vaccine against coronavirus. To complete the preclinical studies of the experimental sample. The completion of these works – on June 1, said the Minister. The development is conducted together with the National research centre of epidemiology and Microbiology. Gamalei.

All Russian military doctors struggling with COVID-19 in Europe, healthy. The defense Ministry provided assistance to Italy, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Armenia and conducted disinfection of 140 settlements. “The work of the consolidated units in these countries is completed. Equipment is removed. The personnel returned to their places of permanent deployment. All soldiers are healthy, with them the complex of quarantine measures”, – reported Shoigu.

One of the main orders – monitoring the work of the OPC. Of 1013 head office works 990, said the Minister. All areas where there was a “suspicion of the failure of the state defense order,” pulled up well, appreciated it. Since the beginning of the year, the troops got more than 750 samples of the latest and upgraded weapons – 58 planes and helicopters, 40 armored combat vehicles and over 500 multi-purpose vehicles, as well as 75 of the complexes with unmanned aerial vehicles. In terms of restrictive measures against the coronavirus involved in 72 per cent of production capacities of enterprises of the defense industry.

By the end of June, the military will build in the regions several medical centers for the treatment of people with coronavirus. “Until June 30, according to your instructions plan to build one multi-functional medical center with modern equipment in Voronezh 200-bed… and three in Dagestan, in Kaspiisk, Derbent, Khasavyurt,” – said Shoigu. In Dagestan to fight the pandemic involved more than 300 soldiers and about 100 units of special equipment. At Olimpiadinskiy GOK in the Krasnoyarsk region deployed mobile hospital of 100 beds.

the Supreme commander noted the professional work of the personnel of the Armed forces. “With the best hand proved to military doctors, the units of the defense Ministry, which assisted ��maidanam Italy, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, a number of countries in the fight against the epidemic of the coronavirus,” – he praised Putin, saying that some countries now are offers of assistance. “However, the pic we have, according to experts, is passed. However, everything you do goes into the General Treasury of our cooperation with partners all over the world,” – said Vladimir Putin.

In Dagestan and in other regions of the country experts of the Ministry of defense act courageously and competently, quickly localizing foci of infection, praised the President. So clearly solved the problem and then deploying 16 multi-field medical centers. Putin has no doubt that modern hospitals will be opened in Dagestan Republic and the Voronezh region in the period.

Vladimir Shamanov, Hero of Russia, Chairman of the defense Committee of the state Duma:

Today, as then 75 years ago, every Parade in honor of great Patriotic war is seen as a triumph of the victorious people. The Soviet Union liberated Europe from Nazi occupation. And it is a fact that no one can cross. I am sure that the Parade will be held at the highest level. And we will see all the beauty of our army. Glory to the victorious people, the glory of our great grandfathers and great-grandfathers, thank them for the Victory.

Evsey Rudinsky, ground attack pilot, participant of the great Patriotic war, member of the expert Council of the “Officers of Russia”:

– I am of course pleased with the decision to hold a Victory Parade on June 24. And it is important that this day – after all, 75 years ago, in 1945, was the historical Victory Parade on red square. It is very important that the parade this year will be held still, despite intervened pandemic coronavirus. Because hardly anyone of the veterans’m sure I’ll live to 80-years anniversary of the victory. Therefore it is very important to mark the 75th anniversary of the Victory. It is important to remind everyone about this great victory.

Sergei Lipov, Hero of Russia, Chairman of the Presidium of “Officers of Russia”:

– 24 Jun – one more remarkable day in the history of the great Patriotic War. It was then in 1945 was the first post-war Victory Parade, therefore, we had previously proposed to reschedule cancelled because of the epidemic of the coronavirus Parade on this date.

as for the order of the President of the security measures of the participants, the formulation is more than true: risks should not be something that is minimized, but completely eliminated. Fortunately, through the efforts of the doctors and authorities, the epidemic is eroding and provide this level of security seems feasible.

Vasily Lanovoi, people’s artist of the USSR, co-Chairman of the Central headquarters of the all-Russian public movement “the Immortal regiment of Russia”:

– the Last years I go to every Victory Parade. I am very glad that this is still done, �� I was looking forward to that. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin has promised that it will be held. And the 75th anniversary of the Victory we could not miss. No way. Because it always gives to people some Golden moments true, this centuries-old wisdom. To deprive us of such an event would be wrong and bad.