The Czech President has proposed to extend the closing of state borders

PRAGUE, 19 Jul – RIA Novosti. The state border, closed due to the spread of the coronavirus, should remain in this state for another year to prevent a new wave of the epidemic, said the Czech President miloš Zeman, speaking on Prague radio F1.

“I am of the opinion that the state border must remain closed for at least another year. Otherwise, foreign travel can lead to a new wave of the epidemic. I think that our citizens could use this situation in order to enjoy the beauties of their own country. In any case, we will rely on the advice of doctors,” – said Zeman.

on Saturday, the head of the Czech Ministry of health Adam Vojtech told reporters that travel without restrictions, as it was before the pandemic is unlikely in the foreseeable future. According to him, is possible only classical tourism in some countries with low risk of infection with coronavirus. Preliminary negotiations on the possible exchange of tourists are now conducted with Slovakia and Croatia.

Czech President in his radio touched on the issue of mandatory wearing of protective masks on the face. In recent days, more and more citizens began to break this rule in force in the country of quarantine.

“first, I want to remind you of the penalty in 10 thousand kronor (about $ 400), which threatens for the lack of mask on the face. And secondly, I ask the distinguished fellow citizens to endure another month, maybe month and a half. In human life one month is a very short period, it is better to go through it with mask on her face, rather than risk infection (coronavirus),” – said Zeman.

According to the evening of the resurrection, in the Czech Republic recorded 6701 case of coronavirus. Died 186 people (five of them in the last days), recovered 1298 people.

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