Individual requirements – to the actual Spa facilities. In front of the reception of tourists on the floor should be treated with a special markup that denotes a safe distance. To settle in the room, as recommended, will not be more than one person or more than one family. On his arrival, and then daily vacationers will measure the temperature. In case of signs of SARS, they are required to warn and then to go for treatment.

indoors, with the crowd of people have to wear masks. To buy them will be able to rest in the sanatorium.

the cafeteria will be placed at a minimum distance of two meters. Seating will be based on the safety requirements.

“With the aim of maximum limitation of contact of tourists it is advisable to arrange catering holidaymakers in the rooms or in restaurants, dining halls, canteens etc. in the system. It is necessary to ensure the arrangement of tables and guidelines for social distancing (spacing between tables not less than two metres) and Seating not more than one person at the same table (except when arriving on rest and recovery are members of the same family or living in the same room)”, – TASS quotes an excerpt from the recommendations. In the sanitary Department suggest the resort to arrange catering rest rooms.

medical services will be conducted by appointment only. The employees themselves will have to obtain a certificate the absence of coronavirus infection. It should be issued not earlier than a week before going to work.

the Principles of social distancing travelers will have to adhere to and on the beach. For example, chairs and umbrellas will be placed at a great distance from each other. The staff will make sure that on the beach was not crowded. “It is also necessary to calculate the capacity in accordance with the principle of social distancing, including the specified calculation area of beach and the length of the water’s edge,” – said in Rospotrebnadzor. Recommendations in addition to vacationers, the health Department has prescribed detailed system disinfection, cleaning, inventory, tables, chairs, playgrounds and gazebos for open air.