Sell popcorn in the vending machines that pour customers of the bar sanitizer and close the door of the hall to the entrance 15 minutes before the beginning of the film – such rules will now have to live to cinemas. The CPS and the Ministry of culture has developed a plan for removing coronavirus restrictions on film distribution industry.

When to open the doors of the cinemas, will decide the heads of regions, follows from the instructions of the CPS. To resort to the cinema for a minute before the session will not work. March on film will have to plan to avoid delays: less than 15 minutes before the start of the film, the hall staff will not be allowed. Between sessions prescribed to take breaks at least half an hour, for surface treatment and cleaning with detergents. The social distance between the audience meter is about the width of one chair. But the rule of the chess Seating arrangement will not apply to members of the same family or living together. But in the lobby area, offices, café and bar, where visitors can spread out half a meter from each other. To buy a soda or popcorn at the bartender will also be a scene from the past. The health Department recommends that snacks sold in vending machines. But if a traditional bar and continue, there must be sanitizer available for customers. In the halls appears germicidal lamp. Masks for moviegoers indicated in the instructions as a recommendation for employees is an obligation. Moreover, the management of this theatre will have to purchase protection for employees at the rate of one mask for three hours. You can use them again the Agency prohibits. Ticketing rules suggest online, via mobile app or vending machine for tickets in the foyer. Cashiers also recommended to take the spectators card or request to pay for the tickets with a smartphone. By the way, the bottle of sanitizer will stay each Fund. Virtual reality glasses will not remain in the past – before distribution to the audience they are scheduled to be disinfected. Or alcohol wipe will allow the visitor to self treatment.