The couple lived together for 60 years and died from the coronavirus in one day

an Elderly couple from South Wales, UK, died from the coronavirus in a hospital room in a single day within 17 hours. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

86-year-old Bryn (Bryn) and 80-year-old Pat Howells (Howells Pat) in December celebrated their diamond wedding. They received a congratulatory card from the Queen. Pet life served as a deacon, Treasurer and caretaker in the local chapel, Bryn was a financial Advisor, and sang in the male choir.

4 APR Pet health deteriorated, her husband later appeared the same symptoms. Thursday, April 9, they were both taken to the hospital of the city of Llantrisant, where they held tests for coronavirus. Both tests showed a positive result.

In the night of Monday, April 13, Pat died. Brin died on the evening of the same day.

Their grandson Elliot said, “We try to find comfort that they died together after 60 years of happy marriage.” He said that a week ago was grandma, she worked in the garden and painted the hallway. “When she got sick, she thought processed,” said Elliot.

To relatives remains a mystery how the couple became infected with the coronavirus, as both were isolated for four weeks.

the couple had four sons, 11 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren. “Their doors were always open, their house was full of love,” — said the grandson of the deceased.

Earlier it was reported that retirees from the United States have lived together for almost half a century and died in one day due to coronavirus infection. Their children said that at the time of death they were holding hands.