The cosmonaut spoke about the way of the landing of the ship eagle

Manned spacecraft “eagle”, which is created in Russia, will feature upgraded landing system, which will allow him to land on the chassis, said cosmonaut Pavel Vinogradov.

“a New ship embodies all the best solutions that have been implemented to “Unions”. It will fit, first, on the chassis,” reports TASS words Vinogradova.

According to him, the ship will also be equipped with powerful engines of soft landing that will allow you to “fly up to a platform”, that is, the landing will be more accurate.

“There will be parachute system, it’s not like here, in the “Union”. The objective of this system is to reduce the speed, and goes on to have a normal rocket landing,” – said the astronaut.

Earlier, Roscosmos decided to create a new control station of the ship “eagle”.