The citadel of Aleppo, Syria opened after restrictions imposed because of the danger of the spread of coronavirus. Now cafe owners and traders look forward to the appearance of tourists. Back at work and the local guides. Many of them last months of odd jobs, and now again conduct tours. The truth is their stories but listen to the locals, as foreigners here.

"For lovers of history available interior spaces of the fortress. We provide commentary from nine in the morning until six in the evening," – quoted by TASS one of the guides.

In 1986, the fortress complex was inscribed on the world heritage list of UNESCO. According to archaeologists, the first found here in the structure, more than 10 thousand years. Every culture superimposed on the old, the walls were built over the old buildings until, while in the X century there appeared the citadel. But already in the XIII century it became the richest city in the middle East. In different years the fortress was occupied by the Romans, the crusaders fought Muslims, was taken by assault Alexander the great and Tamerlane.