It is Easter, and it smells like Gas. After the holidays, the exhausted hens have done their service and disposed of. For the killing, the mobile fumigation system moves on to the chicken operation, which may take up to 18 000 animals. One franc a dead chicken. The carcasses are used for the production of Biogas – soup chicken buys hardly anyone more. No wonder, if the imported chicken breast 1.40 francs per hundred will cost grams.

We don’t want to spoil the Easter egg. But look at tomorrow, the colored Oval shortly before tütschen it. It is not a miracle of nature? So delicate and yet so stable. For the Celts the word, but the Egg does not stand at the beginning of the world.

The reality is hard

Each Egg is a masterpiece. Since we are the Creators after all, guilty of something – to take a look at your reality: In Switzerland every year, 4.5 million laying produce according to the Federal office for agriculture hens over a billion eggs. The 784 million eggs, the retailers sold, come to the half of chickens that have seen in your short life is never a fresh blade of Grass.(Soil conservation and Import). Worldwide, the cage is still the main type of farming, which has been banned in Switzerland in 1982 as one of the first countries.

chickens in the nature of five eggs per year lay. A laying hen produces 300 eggs – a tremendous performance. After 18 months the hen is consumed out.

names such as vacuum cleaner

The chicken is the most common Livestock in the world. 20 billion chickens living at the same time to the world – three Times more than people. The most popular pet? In Numbers Yes, in terms of Affection and respect. “If you want to save money, you have to make certain compromises,” commented a customer in the evaluation of the M-Budget chicken breast. Sacrifice, especially the chicken.

The chicken provides the ideal conditions to be used, used. Because it lays eggs, we can intervene much more easily in life. Huge hatcheries produce up to half a Million small Chicks. Life, apply little. The breeds of hybrid hens have names, as if they were a vacuum cleaner or a cleaner. Cobb500, for example.

Swiss Punks in the barnyard

but There is also another reality – and is much more enjoyable. If we look out of the window, we see in our garden three Malines, chasing a worm. It is a dual-purpose breed. This means that you have not only a solid on laying performance, their meat also tastes delicious. Earlier, the Mechelen-based cuckoos were considered a delicacy. However, these old breeds can compete in any way with the high – bred for fattening and laying hens, so many have disappeared almost. Thanks to organizations such as Pro Specie Rara old breeds have survived and found new lovers.

The diversity is amazing, what has brought the breeding of domestic chickens produce. In Europe alone, 180 breeds of house exist in chickens. Switzerland has three of their own races. It is amazing that the Punks in the hen house, come from Switzerland, the Appenzeller pointed hoods. You are already in the 15. Century in monasteries in the Alps bred to be.

chickens in Action

Particularly did to us, Ayman Cemani are completely black. Feathers, comb, bone, and even the meat. But there’s also the beautifully colored Swedish flower chicken is. Since the Kosovo’s legislative Langkräher that will also scare the most tolerant neighbors. As Araucana and Marans, the wonderful turquoise green and chocolate lay brown eggs. Since the balls are round and hand tame Cochin, as their breeder Queen Victoria herself is. Since East Frisian gulls, Bergische schlott combs or Anna Berger dome squad of chickens.

we would have preferred all, the space is not limited. But also in the city a small garden extends to two to three animals. With hens never boring. A hen has found something in the Meadow, the whole herd rushes in. Always is a fight to the pecking order. And in the evening, the Boss calls to go in the barn.

No one Egg resembles the other

kitchen waste you dispose of is reliable, also for fertilizer is always taken care of. And the best part: Every day an Egg in the Nest, sometimes even two or three lies. Sometimes small, sometimes large. Never the same shape, the same colors or the same taste.

Consider a pet to purchase? Cats, there is enough of that already in the district, and Guinea pigs don’t like to be petted. Why not chickens? The children will experience first hand how life is created. How precious an Egg is. Our chickens on the Lap and caress. You can even play games with them. Chickens are much smarter than we give them credit for, says science.

the universe of life in the fast run-through

the battles for us. It’s heavy moments, to kill the seven-reared cocks were. We have tried to be respectful and fast. And we are sure: the one Who has slaughtered a chicken, Nugget a Chicken never more carelessly devour.

An Egg, a chick, a hen, a chicken. Chickens keep means to observe the whole universe of life in fast-forward. And now: good luck in the Tütschen! With your own eggs, you win by the way always.

chicken holder: The singer and the insects cook

Andrea Staudacher (31) and Simon Jäggi (40) are a Few common chicken holder. Staudacher is an event designer and known as insects cook. He writes the column, “Wild at heart”, is the singer of the Band sorrow of jacks and works at the natural history Museum of Bern.

Andrea Staudacher (31) and Simon Jäggi (40) are a Few common chicken holder. Staudacher is an event designer and known as insects cook. He writes the column, “Wild at heart”, is the singer of the Band sorrow of jacks and works at the natural history Museum of Bern.