Telemedicine service operates in all polyclinics in Moscow. Since February 2022, doctors have conducted 600 thousand consultations. 380 thousand patients have already used them. Now telemedicine consultations are available to citizens with acute respiratory viral infections and confirmed COVID-19, who can be treated at home. This was announced by Anastasia Rakova, Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Social Development.

You can get a telemedicine consultation using the application “EMIAS.Telemedicine”. To access the service, you will need a login and password — they will come to the patient by SMS in case of confirmation of the diagnosis of SARS or COVID-19 immediately after a visit to the polyclinic or an initial audio consultation with a doctor.

With the help of audio or video communication, doctors analyze the condition of patients, identify symptoms indicating improvement or deterioration of the condition, tell what medications should be taken, answer the patient’s questions, give recommendations. If necessary, he is invited and booked for a face-to-face appointment. All data recorded by the specialist in the audio protocol during the telemedicine consultation is reflected in the electronic medical record. This information is available to the doctors of the polyclinic and ambulance, and the patient can get acquainted with it in the medical card on and in the mobile application “EMIAS.INFO”.

Recently, a telemedicine service has been introduced into the work of all outpatient oncological care centers (CAOP), with the help of which oncologists and hematologists of these medical institutions can remotely extend electronic prescriptions for a number of medications previously prescribed to a patient. Before its launch, it was possible to extend the electronic prescription only at a doctor’s appointment. Also, thanks to telemedicine consultations, specialists now inform patients about the decisions of oncoconsiliums. The patient does not need to visit medical institutions once again, in addition, the load on specialists has also decreased.

Moscow has been digitalizing the healthcare system for more than 10 years. At the heart of this process is a single digital platform, which is being developed by the Moscow Social Development Complex and the Information Technology Department. It provides personalized management of each patient at all stages — from diagnosis, treatment and follow-up. Thanks to the platform, all data on the health status of citizens are accumulated in a single digital circuit and are available online to both doctors and patients themselves.