ever tried chickpea tofu? No? Then it is now time. The soy-free Tofu-creation is perfect for anyone allergic to soy or want to try a new herbal Alternative.

The Berlin-based Startup “Zeevi” was repeated in 2018 the gluten-free chickpea creation to Germany, mixed with a pinch of Berlin’s creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, and to handle at the same time the Trend of the “Levante-kitchen” – came out in KOFU.

Whether or not the three founder Zeevi Chaimovitch, Jörn Gutowski and mark driver were able to convince the lion from the vegan chickpea tofu, it was on Tuesday evening at 20.15 clock in a new episode “the cave of The lions” to be seen.

FIT FOR FUN had the opportunity to taste in advance the new Tofu-creation – learn all about the taste, preparation, and the healthy benefits of KOFU.

Was able to convince KOFU, the cave of the lion?

bring your business forward, to were the three founders Zeevi Chaimovitch, Jörn Gutowski and mark driver the lion, to be able to you from the vegan chickpea tofu to convince.

the founders hoped for an investment of 150,000 euros, and offered in return a share in the Company of 12 percent. Through the investment, the total value of the company would increase to 1,250,000 Euro.

In the case of your Pitch, you relied primarily on a lot of experience in the area of gastronomy and cooking – but interest could Wake you up, ultimately, only in the case of Carsten maschmeyer, and Judith Williams.

expressed But also at Maschmeyer quickly a doubt: “to Me, KOFU, tastes good and I find it really tasty. To me, the composition of the founders don’t like, however.“ For him it was a big Problem that the founders participate only as a side job and therefore are not completely focused on the company – so he rejected the Deal.

But Judith Williams remained interested in: “Hummus and chickpeas, is currently the topic at all in the diet. I would like to invest, but need to be cooled?“ Without cooling the product to minimize the market and highlight.

However, the founders did not have to be answered in the negative the question, since the current composition allows for it. Thus, the decision for Williams was also – also, she decided against an investment, so that the founder of KOFU left the cave of the lion, without a Deal.

What KOFU is?

“Kofu” is the abbreviation of chickpea tofu. This is made from only four ingredients – chickpeas, water, salt and turmeric.

Depending on your taste in the direction of the appropriate spices such as cumin, Chilli, parsley, or smoked salt stirred in.

©FIT FOR FUN KOFU: Three flavors

a new Sound, and very specially? So new to the vegan food is not. Chickpea tofu is already for many centuries, a specialty in Myanmar (“Shan Tofu”).

Even in southern Italy, is anchored to the Golden legume fixed. It is the most important ingredient in the traditional Farinata is a baked flatbread made from chickpea flour, the culinary Highlight on all of the street food and markets.

The healthy benefits of KOFU

Vegan, gluten-free, soy-free and 100 percent organic: KOFU is a vegetable, allergen-free and natural all-round package.

With only 1.3 grams of fat per 100 grams of all three products is extremely low in fat and provide about 5 grams of vegetable protein.

thanks to the chickpeas KOFU scores with a high value of dietary fiber – 3 grams per 100 grams, and holds constant full longer, blood sugar and promotes digestion.

in Addition, to convince all of the products in their content of B-vitamins. For example, folic acid, which is mainly for cell division and growth processes is essential.

zinc, phosphorus, potassium and Magnesium are also fruits in the sleeve and support, among other things, the formation of blood cell formation and the Interplay of nerves and muscles.

in Addition, chickpeas, deliver the essential amino acids lysine and threonine, which encourage muscle growth.

How do you like the chickpea tofu?

Zeevi starts with three different varieties. In addition to the “Pure” are also the varieties of “Smoky” (with smoked salt) and “Falafel” (with cumin, coriander, parsley, Chili) available.

The variety “Pure” is very neutral in taste and the typical slightly nutty chickpea flavor come through well. In the case of the preparation may be properly according to Gusto and humor flavored, such as smoked paprika powder or Teriyaki sauce.

The absolute advantage of this variant: you can also be used for Desserts, cakes or Smoothies use.

The variety “Smoky” impresses with a strong smoky Note. But it is not as salty as the well-known smoked tofu. With the “Smoky”-KOFU you can prove wonderful vegan Burger or for Japanese Ramen soups to use.

The “Falafel”-KOFU tastes, thanks to cumin, cilantro, parsley, and Chili is actually true to the original, to Falafel, and it fits the Couscous, Buddha Bowls, or other far Eastern recipe ideas.

consistency of KOFU

Tofu also KOFU, cut-resistant and can easily be cut into cubes or slices.

Fry in Oil works perfectly – only, you should pan more of the KOFU in the pan instead of stirring, since the chickpea mass at the end of the roasting time will be softer and might crumble, if too violent, the mixture is stirred.

By the strong, Sauté the chickpeas, dice get a great Golden brown crust. In the mouth, they disintegrate quite soft and soft – Yes, they are even pleasant creamy and reminiscent of fried Polenta strips.

comparison: soy-Tofu and chickpea tofu

Visually KOFU is similar to the classic Tofu, soy-based: It is in block form, in plastic shrink-wrapped and feels just as compact.

Although both Tofu-cut versions are solid, they differ in their mouth-feel. The “normal” Tofu has Similarity with a solid cheese – you can chew a pleasant one.

KOFU remembered, however, as already mentioned, the Polenta very creamy and fine-pored. This is mainly due to the production. Chickpeas and water are boiled to a pulp and in a rectangular shape cool.

on the outside, both variants differ in their coloring. KOFU is yellow due to the chickpeas, and the addition of turmeric gold.

©FIT FOR FUN/created with Canva comparison of Tofu and KOFU

The nutritional value-Check: Compared with Tofu KOFU has a lower protein content, but significantly less fat and calories – provide 100 grams 90 calories.

Ecological footprint of Tofu and KOFU

KOFU is Produced in Berlin. However, the chickpeas are imported from Italy and are processed in Germany only to chickpea flour.

The organic Tofu, you can now in all supermarkets and health food stores get hold of, is often made with soy beans from Austria.

Where can you buy KOFU?

The three “KOFU”products Zeevis there are currently in all BIO COMPANY markets, Denn’s biomarkt stores in Berlin/Brandenburg, Basic organic markets in Germany and Austria, independent health food stores and organic markets in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as well as online at: alles-vegetarisch.de, fooodz.de and mrvegan.ch.

in terms of Price, there is a small but fine difference: The taste in the direction of “Pure” is available for 3,79 Euro and the other two varieties of “Falafel” and “Smoky” for 3,99 euros.

Andra Schmidt

*The post “the cave of The lion: “KOFU” – the lower-fat Tofu out of chickpeas in Check” published by FitForFun. Contact with the executives here.