Changes to rules for granting Federal subsidies. They were taken in June. But, according to this document, informed on state support can count only the regions in which absolutely all of the schools are equipped with canteens and kitchens. The regions where it was not 100% ready (even if you do not have time to prepare just a few schools), could even be left without Federal payments this year. Now this injustice is eliminated.

the amount of subsidy will depend on the number of students of Junior classes in schools, prepared for the organization of hot meals. In 2020 for these purposes by order of Michael mishustina will be allocated more than 22 billion rubles. For the next two years – scheduled for about 113 billion rubles.

– the Funds will go to the regions before the start of the new academic year, reported on the website of the Cabinet.

Recall, to provide free hot meals for pupils of 1-4 classes instructed Russian President Vladimir Putin. According to statistics, today in Russia, about 6.8 million Junior high school students. According to the forecasts for 2021, there will be 7.1 million people in 2022 7.2 million.